5 Yummy Post-Game Team Snacks

5 Yummy Post-Game Team Snacks

There's nothing better than coming off the field and seeing someone with snacks in hand! An important part of being an athlete is making sure you’re intaking the proper amount of nutrients. Post-game nutrition, especially within the first hour after a game, is important for refueling the body and boosting muscle recovery. Sticking to foods that are rich with protein and carbohydrates is key, rather than having foods high in sugar or artificially flavored. Now, here are 5 post-game snack ideas that are sure to please the entire team!

1. Trail Mix

Sticking to whole foods is the best thing for an athlete after a long game-day. Having different types of trail mix with granola, seeds, nuts, and raisins can pack a nutritious punch! Trail mix packets are also small enough to fit in your bag!

2. Snacks with Protein-Rich Ingredients

Greek yogurts and peanut butter are perfect for muscle recovery. Peanut butter sandwiches, peanut butter dip with fruit, yogurt cups, or a mixture of yogurt, granola and peanut butter are all snacks that athletes will love.

3. Homemade Smoothies

You can’t go wrong with serving a round of smoothies to a bunch of tired athletes. Smoothies allow you to combine a variety of healthy ingredients all into one beverage. Mixing fruits, milk, and yogurts will provide a source of natural sugars and proteins which are perfect for replenishing your energy.

4. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Bananas, orange slices, apples, and carrots. You can’t go wrong with serving a soccer team a platter of fruits and vegetables packed with potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants. You can even get creative by making fruit kabobs to make eating them fun.

5. Carb-heavy Foods

Wholegrain bagels with cream cheese, sandwiches, pretzels, or crackers are high in carbohydrates which are valuable to have after a game! Try making peanut butter tortilla wraps, which are easy to pack and add a great source of protein!

At the end of the day, athletes should listen to how their bodies feel after a long game day. They shouldn’t force themselves to eat if they don’t feel like eating, and athletes know what they can and can’t eat to fuel their bodies. Remember, even if you aren’t hungry after a game, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water!

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