Step By Step - Arsenal Original Docuseries

Step By Step - Arsenal Original Docuseries

Something exciting is here to add to your watch list! Arsenal has officially released all of their episodes to their all-new Step by Step documentary series. The exclusive Arsenal original documentary series takes fans behind the scenes to shine a spotlight on Beth Mead and Vivianne Miedema’s journey to recovery from their ACL injuries, which occurred simultaneously.

Mead and Miedema, Arsenal’s crown jewels in attack, experienced the same heart-wrenching injury within a month of each other. Mead, who experienced a fantastic win at the 2022 Euros faced a dramatic turn of events come November when she suffered a torn ACL in a Women’s Super League match against Manchester United in November 2022. Miedema, only a month later experienced the same injury on the pitch in a match against Lyon.


About the Series

Step by Step – the five-part series – charters the duo’s absences and rehab as they battle back from the serious setbacks that their injuries imposed upon them. Arsenal had cameras around for every key moment of their journey back to fitness, including pre-and-post-surgery, and their first steps back into training.

During her rehabilitation, Mead also experienced the tragic passing of her mother to cancer, which had a profound impact on her recovery storyline. Mead notes:

“This is a story that we're desperate to tell, having experienced first-hand the physical and mental challenges involved in recovering from an ACL injury. We've all seen how many ACL injuries there have been across the women's game in recent months and years, and we want to use our experience to help future generations of girls”. Many athletes face injuries everyday making a severe impact on both their careers and clubs, but it is refreshing to have the perspective of two female soccer players who are without a doubt some of the best in their league.

Aside from the physical recovery, the series shines light on the mental toll that the ACL injuries had on the players not being able to play the game. Both players explore how severe injuries can play a major role in a player’s professional development, and why the issue of ACL injuries plays a prevalent role in the women’s game.


How the Episodes Work

All five episodes of the series have been released and are available to watch on the official Arsenal website and their official app.


Episode 1: Football was my happy place

Discusses the nature of an ACL injury. The pair relive the moments they suffered their injuries and the early days of their recovery. Spoiler alert: This episode includes scenes of Miedema's surgery, so you may want to look away if you're squeamish.


Episode 2: There’s no place or no people I’d rather go through this with

Explores the impact of two other ACL injuries within the team suffered by Laura Wienroither and Leah Williamson. Talking about the importance of solidarity, the episode discusses how isolating an injury can be.


Episode 3: This is only the tip of the iceberg

Hears from experts about the impact Mead's mum's illness may have played on the pair's injuries. Talking to leading medical professionals, the episode looks at optimizing injury prevention methods in young girls.


Episode 4: It’s our responsibility to look after each other

A real tearjerker, Mead speaks candidly about her mum's deterioration and the stress this played on their bodies. Miedema delves into her struggles as a young player, pressure and learning how to let people help her.


Episode 5: We need to open about it, we need to be speaking about it

Features both players returning to the pitch and looks at what needs to be done to safeguard the next generation of female footballers.



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