How To Stand Out at Soccer Tryouts

How To Stand Out at Soccer Tryouts

It’s that time of year again and soccer tryouts are upon us! Tryouts can be scary and intimidating no matter what age or level you’re at, but coming to tryouts prepared will allow your best performance to shine.

Coaches take many different things into consideration when deciding on what players to add to the roster, but here are 10 tips that you can use to increase the odds of making the team this year.

1. Arrive Early

The best way to start off the tryout is to arrive early. Arrive 10-15 minutes before they begin and take this time to talk to some other teammates or the coaches. No matter what age you are or if you’re a seasoned player on the team, arriving early shows you care and sets a good example for everyone else.

2. Begin Warming Up Before Tryouts Begin

Rather than sitting down and relaxing before the tryouts start, take some time to warm up by yourself or with a teammate. Grab a ball and do some of your favorite tricks or skills in your own area, or grab a friend and pass the ball back and forth. This shows initiative and captures the attention of the coaches.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

The best thing you can do if don’t understand the instructions or a drill is to ask for clarification. Tryouts can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking, but it’s better to ask questions than mess-up a drill consistently. This shows that you’re willing to ask questions and make corrections to better your game.  

4. Jog, Don’t Walk

In between breaks and different drills, do your best to jog between them instead of walking. Tryouts can be exhausting, but this simple yet effective action shows the coaches that you’re driven and physically active. They’ll remember these small things and have you on their radar for the rest of the tryout.

5. Be a Good Teammate

Whether you’re trying out for a new team or a team you already played for, it’s important that you be the best teammate possible. Make smart decisions with the ball, encourage your teammates, and be inclusive of everyone at the tryout. Proving that you’re willing to support the team and encourage them to perform their best shows the coaches that you want what’s best for the team as a whole.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Vocal

Being vocal doesn’t just mean asking questions, but also congratulating your teammates on a job well done. Small things like “nice pass” or “great shot” can put everyone’s nerves at ease, and is a clear indication of your leadership skills. Talking with the other players can create a more comfortable environment for everyone and allow you to let go of any nerves that may have been holding you back.

7. If You Get Knocked Down, Be Quick to Get Back Up

If you make a mistake or get knocked to the ground, it’s no big deal! No matter your age or your skill ability, it’s normal for everyone to get knocked down or fumble the ball every once in a while. What coaches will be looking at is how you recover from this and whether you maintain a positive attitude. Returning to play and gaining your focus back as fast as possible will help the team as a whole.

8. Accentuate Your Strengths

During tryouts do your best to accentuate your strengths and the skills you know you’re good at. If you have a favorite position, let your strengths shine in that position to show the coaches what you can bring to the team. Showing off your strengths doesn’t mean showing off in everything but taking the time to make sure what you’re best at shines. This could be your dribbling skills, passing, leadership, work-ethic, or goal-scoring ability. 

9. Take Constructive Criticism

The best thing you can do at tryouts is to be coachable. If the coach gives you a piece of advice, they’ll be watching to see if you take it. While tryouts are a time for the coaches to evaluate your performance as a whole, they still might be giving you cues and critiques to improve. Take everything the coaches say and apply it directly to your game. Even taking the simplest of suggestions shows that you’re a great listener, adaptable, and coachable.

10. Show Off Your Personality

Coaches want to see your personality shine on the field and see what unique skills you bring to the pitch. Do your best not to shy away on the field, but rather be yourself and show what you have to offer. Keep your confidence high, have a positive attitude, and we guarantee the coaches will notice.


Tryouts can be an overwhelming experience, but if you remember these tips, you’re sure to stand out to the coaches. If you still want to learn some new skills or practice some old ones, check out our Pinterest page where we have saved tons of ideas of new drills and skills to learn!


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