How To Show Off Your Authentic Soccer Memorabilia

How To Show Off Your Authentic Soccer Memorabilia

Collecting pieces of authentic memorabilia has been a pastime activity people have enjoyed for years now. Although it comes with a cost, the reward you receive makes up for the dent it puts in your wallet.

Whether it be a small or big piece, it’s still important to show off your memorabilia in the best way possible. Choosing the right frame, stand, or place to display it can truly make a difference. With the amount of value these pieces hold, they deserve to be protected in a way that shows off their worth. If you’re not sure how to do this, we’ve come up with some inspiration on how you can show off your authentic soccer memorabilia.

Autographed Jerseys

The most common way to display an autographed jersey is in its very own frame or shadow box. Depending on the one that you choose to purchase, you can display images alongside the jersey and a personalized plaque to signify where the jersey is from. If you want easy access to it, consider a frame that has a latch, allowing the frame to open and close. If all of this is too flashy for your liking, you can frame it simply on its own or in a glass floating frame where you can see the front and back of the jersey.

If you want an alternative to a frame or shadow box – and have the space to do so – you could display your signed jersey on a mannequin instead. If you’re going to display your memorabilia on a mannequin that’s out in the open, make sure it’s placed in a protected area where there’s no chance for it to get stained or knocked over. Also, make sure you have the proper size so that it doesn’t stretch out your jersey or ruin the originality of it



Tips for Framing:

  1. Make sure you dust the inside of the frame with a soft cloth before securing the jersey inside of the frame.
  2. Hang your jersey on a wall that you’ll see every day!
  3. Avoid hanging your jersey in a spot with direct sunlight. The UV lights can cause damage to the fabric and color of the jersey.
  4. Make sure the jersey is flat, and tightly secured in the frame before hanging it up.


Authentic Photographs

Although it’s nice to have authentic pieces of clothing or apparel, authentic photographs, tickets, or even newspaper articles can be just as interesting to show off. These items could be signed, an original, or hold personal value from a certain match day. 

To display these items, you can use a frame, shadow box, or acrylic display holders. If you have signed posters or images, they’re best displayed in high quality frames that represent their worth. Best of all, if you have multiple items, find you own unique way to lay them out in a shadow box so that your favorite ones are on display.

Authentic Cleats and Soccer Balls

The best way to show off your authentic cleats or soccer balls is in a display case. In a display case you can show off and protect your items from any dust or damage they might incur on an open shelve, and give them a high-quality feel. You can also customize the way that they’re being held up with different stands or platforms to match your vibe.

Tip: Make sure that your display case has UV protection to preserve the quality of the product or the signature, if there is one!



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