How to Display Your Collection: Collectibles & Memorabilia

How to Display Your Collection: Collectibles & Memorabilia

For many of us, we connect with our favorite sport and teams by collecting memorabilia as a way to show how much we admire them. From jerseys, scarves, figurines, and more, soccer collectibles can be both sentimental and good fun.

We want to make it a point that you shouldn’t hide away any of your favorite items but, rather, should display them with pride. Whether your items are big or small, it’s still important to show them off in the best way possible. If you’re not sure how to do this, we’ve come up with some inspiration on how you can show off your soccer collectibles in your favorite spaces!



Starting off with some ideas for the avid scarf collectors, it’s time to pull all of your scarves out of the drawer and show them off in your home. Using wall-mounted racks, or even an old ladder, you can hang your favorite scarves to bring character to your space.

If you’re handy, you can build your own custom racks that will fit your personal collection, or you can find amazing options on Amazon, Wayfair, or Etsy!

Here are a couple pieces for inspiration:



If you aren’t already familiar with SoccerStarz, they’re the must-have figurines of all your favorite soccer players from around the world. They represent both the international squads and club players, giving you the chance to buy your favorite player in multiple kits!

Since SoccerStarz are small and delicate, you shouldn’t have them tucked away or in a place where they could easily get broken. If you want to display your SoccerStarz collection, make space for some good quality acrylic shelves on your desk, dresser, or in your game room! It would also be smart to have them up on the wall to keep them from getting knocked over.

Here are a couple pieces for inspiration:


Soccer Balls

The best way to display your soccer ball collection is with a nice wall-mounted display. Unless you have authentic signed pieces – which would be better off being preserved in a case – then keeping them off the ground will clear up your space.

Online at Amazon, Walmart, or Etsy you can find all different shapes and sizes of ball mounts that will bring some extra fun into your space, and allow your friends and family to see all of your favorites.



Aside from displaying your favorite Jerseys in a display frame or case, you might be wondering what other ways you can show them off.

If you want a minimalist look, then you can create a jersey hangers’ system that consist of clear hangers that will delicately hold them in place. If you want to keep it simple, put eye screws or hanger screws into your wall or ceiling, and simply hang your jerseys from your desired hanger. You can DIY your own hangers using rods, coat hooks, or command hooks!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to display your authentic signed jerseys, check out our other blog post where we give you tips of the best ways to do so!


Other Ideas and Tips:


  1. Take into consideration the lighting

Proper lighting can make your soccer collectibles truly shine. Use spotlights, LED strips, or cabinet lighting to add to your display. You can experiment with different options to make your display ten times better!


  1. Create a ‘Collectors Corner’

If you have multiple different types of collections that you want to put on display, create an area to keep them all. You can have different shelves, display units, or cabinets to keep all of your collectibles in one place.


  1. Rotating display

If you have a large collection, consider setting up a rotating display that will allow you to showcase multiple different items. It doesn’t need to be rotating all the time, but it’ll bring some excitement to your collection when you go to show it off to your friends!


  1. Display your items throughout your home

Putting your collection on display doesn’t always mean you have to keep them in one place. You can disperse the collection throughout your home and have multiple pieces in different areas. You can display them casually in your room, on your coffee table, or anywhere else that brings you joy.



In need of some more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board where we save new ideas on how you can display your soccer collectibles every day!



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