Gift Guide to the World Cup

Gift Guide to the World Cup

Every 4 years we get the chance to celebrate and collect FIFA World Cup merchandise to hold onto for years to come. If you have the opportunity to give the gift of the 2022 World Cup, or if you’re headed off to a watch party, be the guest of the year and bring a gift for the host! If you’re gifting someone to celebrate the World Cup this month, we’re here to guide you. Continue reading if you want some ideas of what to gift someone to celebrate the 2022 FIFA World Cup!

1. Mugs

No one can ever have too many mugs in their kitchen! This years FIFA World Cup mugs are jumbo sized and can hold warm and cold beverages. You can’t go wrong with gifting someone one of these!

2. Beanies

The official FIFA World Cup beanies this year are thick, warm, and have high quality stitching. They make for the perfect gift especially because we will be celebrating during the fall and winter seasons!

3. Soccer Balls

Gifting a world cup fan who also plays the game? Get your hands on an official 2022 World Cup soccer ball. You can find team soccer balls and a special exclusive trophy ball at!

4. SoccerStarz

If you know they have a favorite player, SoccerStarz collectibles are the perfect idea! These pocket-sized players can be displayed alongside all of their other memorabilia, and can be a fun remembrance of this year’s watch parties.

5. Panini Cards & Stickers

If you know someone has been collecting this years FIFA World Cup stickers & cards, help them out so that they can finish their collection. As a collector, there’s nothing better than being gifted something to help finish a collection. has all the FIFA World Cup stickers and cards they could want!

6. FIFA World Cup History Book

Before watching the World Cup action, it’s important to freshen up on the history of the past World Cups. Help a friend learn more about some of the past FIFA highlights and stories from the official “History of the FIFA World Cup” book!

7. Stickers & Prints

What’s more trendy than some aesthetically pleasing World Cup décor stickers and prints. For those who don’t collect the Panini collection, gift them some fun stickers that they can paste onto their fridge, laptop, phone case, etc. Our favorite stickers and prints can be found on Esty, or Red Bubble

8. Apparel

Surprise a special someone on the day of with their favorite team jersey or sweater! They will be excited to have an all-new outfit to wear on games days, especially because it represents the country they’re cheering for!


You don’t need to look far to find the perfect gift! Head on over to where we have every essential gift item that screams “FIFA World Cup”. You can find apparel, mugs, beanies, and more that will make the perfect gift to celebrate the 2022 World Cup!


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