Gift Guide for PSG Fans

Gift Guide for PSG Fans

We’ve decided that it’s Paris Saint-Germain’s turn! We’re making our way through our gift guides for specific clubs to prepare you all for the upcoming holiday season. This time, we want to help out anyone that’s tasked with buying a gift for someone who’s a die-hard Paris Saint-Germain Fan. If you have one in your life, keep reading!

This gift guide is designed to help inspire you with some gift ideas that will bring a smile to fans of Les Parisiens. Here are 10 gift ideas that PSG fans are sure to love:


1. Training Essentials


If they double as a fan and a player, then why not get them some new training gear that they can put to use. Whether they play in a league or just for fun with their friends, they’ll never turn down some new gear to wear or use. If they’ve been a long time PSG fan, snag them a pair of gloves, a practice ball, or some new soccer socks that represent PSG!


2. Travel Gear


Useful for school, everyday travel, vacation, or as a gym bag, the PSG premium backpacks and lunch bags are a must-have for fans. Not overly flashy, they can take them anywhere they like, and subtly show off their PSG pride. Check out some of the premium options we have online at!



3. Nike Team Collection


If you want to give the gift of everyday wear – but still PSG dedicated – check out Nike’s PSG collection. Nike is PSG’s main kit sponsor, but they also have a variety of unique everyday pieces. From sweats to team jackets and activewear, check out the collection on Nike’s website.



4. Matchday Essentials


No PSG fan’s matchday outfit is complete without all of the essentials – beanies, ball caps, scarves, shirts, and more! Practical for matchdays from home or the stadium, no fan should be without the perfect essentials to make matchday extra special. Give them the gift of a new hat, scarf, or loungewear this year!



5. Wall Art


You can search the internet and find some pretty unique, old fashioned, or super modern poster prints that can capture the best of PSG. Posters, canvas prints, and wall decals can bring the spirit of PSG into a fan’s home. Check out some of the unique options that Etsy has that could fit into the vibe of any home!



6. Signables and SoccerStarz


Special for the PSG fans, many of their best players from the past and present have patented signables. Signables are small collectibles made with genuine match-ball leather that bring your favorite player’s signature to life. Best displayed alongside their corresponding SoccerStarz, both of these items make the perfect gift for a fan of any age.



7. Jordon Collection


Another brand-new collaboration that PSG has done is the very popular Jordon Collection. With this iconic collaboration, PSG fans who double as players can perform at their very best, or lounge in style. You can check out some of the iconic new clothing pieces online!




8. Home Accessories


If they’ve been a long-time PSG fan, then they may appreciate having some PSG representation in their room, game room, or anywhere else they desire. You can’t go wrong by gifting them décor to commemorate their love for their favorite club. Everything from flags, signs, or smaller coffee table décor are great options.



9. Retro Jerseys


If you want to take a more unique route, check out some of the PSG retro jerseys they have. Even if they have frames full of their favorite jerseys, there’s nothing like having one that represents the history of the club. They can put it on display alongside modern versions and their favorite collectibles! You can find different versions of their retro jerseys at PSG’s official merchandise store


10. Card Collectables

With PSG Fan Sets and Team Sets, fans have the chance to pull an authentic autographed or relic card of their favorite PSG player from the past or present. Whether they are a dedicated card collector or not, they may enjoy joining in on the hunt for cards of their favorite players to put on display. Online at, you can find a variety of collections that PSG fans would love!




No matter if you’re looking for a quick gift for a Paris Saint-Germain fan or something spectacular, you can always trust for all your gift-giving needs. From apparel, giftware, collectibles, signed memorabilia, and more, you can always find something a soccer fan will love!

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