FC Barcelona Femení Club Feature

FC Barcelona Femení Club Feature

Over the last few years, women’s soccer has grown exponentially in popularity and success. One club in particular that has helped kick off this revolution is none other than FC Barcelona Femení. This team of exceptional young women have showcased their amazing talent, teamwork, and passion. Just when we think they’ve reached their peak level of success, they continue to prove us wrong. This powerhouse team has taken the world by storm, but what makes FC Barcelona Femení so adored among fans? Let’s explore the clubs’ humble beginnings, legendary players, and record-breaking accomplishments that make them truly unforgettable!


History of the Club


Commonly referred to as ‘Barça Femení’, FC Barcelona Femení is a women’s soccer club associated with the renowned FC Barcelona. But don’t be misconceived into thinking the women’s club is nothing more than an extension of the men’s. Despite the legendary male players who certainly dominated the game preceding them, FC Barcelona Femení has managed to create a legacy all on their own! Established in 1970, the Spanish professional women’s team has gone on to win multiple trophies over the past decade. Based in Barcelona, Catalonia, FC Barcelona Femení plays in the top tier of Spanish women’s football and competes in the Primera División.

The clubs’ humble beginnings were set in motion with one female soccer player and her vision. In 1970, 18-year-old amateur soccer player, Immaculada Cabecerán, met with former FC Barcelona president Agustí Montal Costa to share her brilliant idea to create a women’s team associated with the club. Thus, Spain’s first recognized women’s league, Peña Femenina Barcelonista, was born. The team was later renamed ‘Club Femeni Barcelona’. It wasn’t until 2002 when FC Barcelona associated themselves with the club and incorporated them into their game structure. Thereafter, the women were finally permitted to wear the official FC Barcelona colours and badges, as well as share the facilities. Even though this was considered a monumental win for the women’s team, they still had to overcome many battles related to regulation and promotional issues. FC Barcelona Femení was undeterred by these hardships and went on to win their first league title in 2011.



In 2008, FC Barcelona Femení made their awaited return to the Superliga competition and by 2012 won their second Spanish Cup and first national championship. The team’s record-breaking points from the championship led to their exciting debut in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. FC Barcelona Femení qualified for the quarterfinals for the first time in the 2013-14 season, where they wound up winning their third straight title. In the season to come, they became the first team in the Spanish women’s league to win four straight league titles.
2015 was the year when the women began to establish their notoriety as a team. FC Barcelona Femení was officially professionalized in the women’s section of the club. Going forward, the women were determined to train even harder for the UEFA Women’s Champions League. The club’s hard work was rewarded when they reached their first semifinals and finals by 2019. In 2020, FC Barcelona Femení won the Supercopa de España competition and was later crowned league champions for the sixth time. On May 16, 2021, the team won the UEFA Women’s Champions League title after defeating Chelsea by a whopping 4 points. FC Barcelona is the first club in history to be European champions for both men’s and women’s soccer. Within the same month of this life changing win, FC Barcelona Femení were victorious in the Copa de la Reina competition for the eighth time, making them the first Spanish women’s team to win the European continental treble!

Predictably, even more success was in store for the women’s team in 2021-22. The club remained undefeated by mid-season in both the league and the group stages of the Women’s Champions League. The beloved captain of the team, Alexia Putellas, was awarded the honorable Ballon d’Or. Then FC Barcelona Femení won their second Supercopa de España in 2022, completing the quadruple of the league. Only two months later, they dominated in the Primera División champions and won their seventh title.



The club beat yet another world record on September 7, 2022, otherwise known as ‘transfer deadline day’, for having the highest transfer fee when they signed English midfielder Kiera Walsh, originally from Manchester City. The women’s team went on to win the Supercopa de España Femenina in 2023 for the eighth time overall. Just when we thought they couldn’t be any more triumphant, the club went on to win the 2023 UEFA Women’s Champions League for the second time. This monumental win made FC Barcelona the first club in history to be European champions twice in both men’s and women’s soccer. Some may argue that professionalizing the women’s section was one of the best decisions made by FC Barcelona, and we’d have to agree!  
It’s no surprise that FC Barcelona Femení is set to emerge as the greatest women’s team of the era. Their winning mindset and relentless excellence on and off the field is the foundation of their legacy. The club’s dedicated fan base are by inspired their commitment to female empowerment and eliminating traditional gender norms surrounding soccer. Ultimately, the success of the team has helped pave the way for more opportunities for women in sports, which is the ultimate win. We’re excited to witness the revolutionary future ahead for FC Barcelona Femení as they continue to test the limits and inspire generations to come.


Highlights and Fun Facts



From FC Barcelona Femení’s historic achievements and consistency in dominating both domestic and international competitions, here are some highlights and fun facts that every fan should know:
  • Stanley Black & Decker was the first main jersey sponsor of the FC Barcelona Femení team.
  • FC Barcelona Femení has a youth training program at the renowned Barcelona Academy, training girls aged 6-18 the same skills and methodology of the Barça Women champions.
  • The team has a famous rivalry with Atletico Madrid Femenino. The two women’s soccer teams are consistently top contenders for the league title.
  • FC Barcelona Femení set a new attendance record for a women's club football match in 2019. A total of 60,739 spectators attended Camp Nou, the iconic stadium of FC Barcelona, to watch them play against Atletico Madrid Femenino.
  • The club is commended for the diversity of their players. They’ve attracted the world’s best talents from many different countries, such as Brazil, Spain, England, and the Netherlands.
  • The home of FC Barcelona Femení is the Estadi Johan Cruyff Stadium, named after the legendary Dutch footballer.


Notable Players



FC Barcelona Femení is led by arguably the best female soccer player in the world, Alexia Putellas. The captain of FC Barcelona Femení and the Spain women’s national team, Putellas has been a star since joining in 2012 and has gone on to achieve the status of Best Midfielder, UEFA Women’s Player of the Year, and won the Ballon d’Or twice. She’s also scored the most goals for the team. Aside from Putellas’ achievements on the field, she’s also known for her philanthropy and being an advocate for equal rights.

“Our winning mindset comes from trying to reach perfection but knowing that it doesn’t exist. There will always be things that need improvement,” – Alexia Putellas


Another player to note is Aitana Bonamatí, one of the most promising players to come out of the youth set. Aitana has taken up the role of team leader while Alexia recovers from injury. At 26 years old, she has already become a force to be reckoned with in the world of female soccer. Her lightning-fast speed and skillful control of the ball has made this midfielder an irreplaceable member of FC Barcelona Femení. She’s been awarded the Ballon d’Or and the Best FIFA Women’s Player Award for the 2022-23 season. Aitana can also add successful book publisher to her regime with her best-selling biography ‘Totes Unides Fem Força’, translated to ‘United We Are Strong’. She is also an ambassador for the United Nations’ Refugee Agency and works with numerous FC Barcelona foundations.

“I have been at Barça for 11 years, where I have grown year after year, and this has allowed me to be the player I am today.” – Aitana Bonmati

There are too many players worth mentioning on this exceptional team of women. Some of the most notable ones are Mapi León, Mariona Caldentey, Fridolina Rolfö and Geyse Ferreira. All of the women on FC Barcelona Femení have one thing in common: unity. They follow the mantra that they’re not just teammates, they’re a family.
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