Decorate Your Home in Club Colors

Decorate Your Home in Club Colors

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you haven’t already, it’s decorating time! For many of us holiday decorating is the best time of year, and we make an entire day out of decorating our homes with holiday cheer. What makes the day even better is when you have decorations to put up that are themed to your favorite things – this could be a hobby, show, movie, or sport! They add your personality into the holiday spirit of your home, and the opportunity to show off!

For soccer fans, there are a variety of different ways that you can incorporate your favorite sport and club into your holiday decorations. Here are 5 different ways to decorate your home to celebrate the spirit of your favorite club this holiday season!


1. Christmas Elves

The perfect visitor for the holidays – why have a regular elf when you can have one who supports your favorite club?! They’re the ideal festive companion who will bring the club spirit into your home without the chaos of the traditional supporter!

Adorned in club colors, they seamlessly blend with the rest of your holiday decor. Rest assured, this merry messenger is on a mission to inform Santa Claus about your unwavering support for Chelsea FC throughout the year.

Online at you find a variety of club elves to put on display!


2. Stocking & Santa Hat Sets

What better way to bring your favorite club colors into the holidays than with your very own club stocking and Santa hat! This ensemble is the perfect way to communicate to Father Christmas that you've been a stellar fan throughout the year.

The Santa hat, adorned with the club's emblem, adds a touch of club flair to your holiday attire, while the matching stocking completes the look.

Online at, we’ve got Liverpool and Manchester City sets up for grabs!


3. DIY Garland

A fun idea that you can make yourself, DIY garlands are back in style so here ‘s your sign to make a personalized garland to represent club colors. It could result in being a festive masterpiece to hang around the tree, on railings, or more!

Using cut outs of club crests, patches, beads, or any other materials around the house, you could make a garland that captures the essence of your favorite club!

For some inspiration, check out the fun Soccer Ball Garland by Wool Jamboree!


4. Christmas Tree Ornaments

The most traditional decoration of them all, the classic Christmas tree ornaments. Christmas tree ornaments can be anything from elegant looking bulbs to fun mementos of your favorite club!

Whether you want the colors of your favorite club, or miniature versions of your favorite players on your tree, every ornament will show off who you’re cheering for this season.

Online at you can find bulb ornaments, SoccerStarz ornaments, and football boots all for the Christmas tree!


5. Stringed Lights

Last but not least, you can never have too many lights at Christmas time. With some sets of soccer ball stringed lights, you can add your love for the game into the yuletide charm of your home.

They’ll add a playful touch to your holiday decor, but also show your friends and family how big of a die-hard fan you are.

On Amazon or at your favorite home goods store, you can find soccer stringed lights that will bring the holiday glow!



Embrace the holiday season with the perfect blend of soccer fandom and Christmas joy. If you need some more inspiration on ways you can deck your home out in club colors, check out Holiday Decorations page on Pinterest!



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