Bloopers & Funny Moments from the 2022 World Cup

Bloopers & Funny Moments from the 2022 World Cup

The FIFA World Cup came to an end over two weeks ago but if you’re anything like us, we’re still watching highlights and reminiscing the best moments. The tournament had us biting our nails and on the edge of our seats, but it also had us smiling and laughing during and after the games! Like any major worldwide event, the internet always finds a way to create a funny joke or meme based on the best moments. This year was filled with plenty of unforgettable moments, but here are 5 funny moments that had us laughing.

Achraf Hakimi's Penguin Waddle Celebration

Morocco made history this World Cup and won the hearts of fans across the globe! Achraf Hakimi, one of the standout players of the tournament, scored a penalty goal to secure the win over Spain during the knockout stage. As Hakimi’s teammates ran towards him in pure excitement, Hakimi pulled out an unexpected celebration that left fans confused, yet amused!

Moroccan Supporter Dances with Senegalese Fans

One of the most trending video clips across the internet was of a Moroccan fan dancing alongside a large group of Senegalese fans! During the Group match between Senegal and Ecuador, a Moroccan fan had us all smiling and laughing as he was able to follow along with every move almost perfectly.

Antonio Rudiger Running

Does Antonio Rudiger always break into a stride like this? Many of you probably caught Rudiger’s iconic moment during Germany’s match against Japan when he created his own running style. We still don’t know what new technique he was trying but it did bring us all a good laugh!

Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrating a Goal That Wasn’t His

One of the most unforgettable moments from the tournament was when Ronaldo thought he head butted the ball into the net but unfortunately the ball never made contact with his head! What was actually Bruno Fernades’ goal was celebrated by Ronaldo giving us a bit of secondhand embarrassment.

McKennie Dries His Hand on a Photographer

Weston McKennie had the internet laughing when he hilariously dried his hands on one of the photographers’ shirts. McKennie was about to do throw in during the match against England but figured a quick wipe of his sweaty palms would help him out. Many people were upset about this gesture while others found it hilarious.

Did you catch any of these moments throughout the tournament? Check out our other blog where we take a Trip Down Memory Lane and highlight our favorite moments from the entire tournament! Comment below what your favorite moment was this FIFA World Cup.




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