A Trip Down Memory Lane: The World Cup 2022

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The World Cup 2022

Now that the 2022 FIFA World Cup has come to an end, we get to reflect on all of the best moments! From major upsets, wins no one saw coming, and inspiring acts from players and fans, the tournament had our undivided attention from beginning to end. Fans from all across the world travelled to Qatar to witness their nation play, or for some players, watch their last World Cup tournament.

Here are some notable moments from the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament that we’ll remember for years to come.

The Protests from Fans and Players

The first week of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup was characterized by cheering, excitement, and peaceful protests. Seeing that the FIFA World Cup is the most viewed sports tournament in the world, it’s no surprise that teams and fans took the opportunity to spread a strong message when they could. One of the most notable was the German team posing with their hands covering their mouth before their World Cup opener. This action came days after FIFA banned the wearing of the ‘OneLove’ rainbow armbands. As well, Iran not singing their opening national anthem to protest the revolution of Iranian women’s rights.

Argentina Losing their Winning Streak Against Saudi Arabia

One of the first big shocks of the tournament, everyone was jaw-dropped when Saudi Arabia beat Argentina in a 2-1 match. This broke Argentina’s streak of going 36 matches unbeaten and had us doubting how our favorites to win would perform the rest of the tournament.

Richarlison's Bicycle Goal

After the upset match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia, Richarlison brought what the fans needed to see! The bicycle whirl that he pulled out during Brazil’s match against Serbia can be considered one of the most beautiful goals of the tournament. It had fans gasping and the Brazilian team in a frenzy of excitement!

Japans Fans

While the Japanese fans did surprise us with their outstanding performance this year, us viewers were busy watching the fans clean the stadiums after each of their games! After matches, the Japanese fans were seen picking up garbage and recycling that was left around the stadiums. In true Japanese fashion, they won our hearts by behaving how they would at home or in any country they visit. What made this kind gesture even better was that they cleaned up after any match they attended, whether or not Japan was playing!

Alphonso Davies Scoring Canada's First Men's World Cup Goal

Alphonso Davies knew it was his duty this World Cup to make history - and that he did. Canadian fans cheered from all across the world when we watched Davies score Canada’s first men’s World Cup goal against Croatia. What made his history making goal even better was that it was scored only 68 seconds into the game!

Cristiano Ronaldo's Header That Missed His Head

Ronaldo, who holds the record for the most international goals scored ever, had quite the World Cup experience to say the least. In Portugal’s match against Uruguay, Fernandes made a cross for the net and it appeared as though Ronaldo had headbutted the ball into the net. With a brief celebration from him, it wasn’t until the official scoreboard indicated it was Fernandes’ goal. What do you think?

Croatia Taking the Quarterfinal spot from Brazil

There wasn’t a moment during the quarterfinal match between Croatia and Brazil where we weren’t on the edge of our seats! One of the most unexpected outcomes from the tournament, everyone was devastated to see Brazil knocked out. However, the 2018 runners-up proved they’re a force to be reckoned with and shouldn’t be underestimated!

Morocco's Win Against Portugal for the Semifinal Spot

If we could describe the World Cup 2022 in one word, it would be Morocco. Clearly the underdogs of the tournament, they quickly became the team to keep your eyes peeled for. Not only did they win the hearts of the fans, but they managed to pull off a win against Portugal – one of the tournament’s leading teams.

Mbappe's Hattrick in the Final

During the second half of the World Cup final, it looked as if France did not stand a chance against Argentina. However, the only person to not believe that was Kylian Mbappe. With only ten minutes left in the game Mbappe scored himself a penalty kick against Argentina putting their team on the scoreboard. Almost immediately after, France gave the ball back to Mbappe who volleyed it to the Argentines net for the second time. It doesn’t end there, with a score of 3-2 and four-minutes left in overtime, Mbappe won another penalty, bringing the score back to 3-3. He became the first man in 56 years to score a World Cup final hattrick and now holds the record for most goals in a World Cup final!

Argentina's Destined Win!

The moment Messi announced this would be his final World Cup tournament, the Argentina team knew they had to make it one for the books. After their shocking defeat against Saudi Arabia, the men rose to the occasion and made a comeback all the way to the final. Messi and Di María led the team 2-0 all the way to the second half in the final, but France was not afraid to strike back. Argentina dusted themselves off and fought for the final they were destined to have. This will be a FIFA World Cup final that many will never forget!


I think we can all agree that the FIFA 2022 World Cup has been one of the most exciting tournaments to ever watch. With so many ups and downs, crazy fan behavior, and countless underdogs, soccer fans will be reminiscing the tournament for weeks to come. To remember your favorite team from the tournament treat yourself to a piece of team memorabilia from SoccerCards.ca! Whether it be a jersey, beanie, scarf, or mug, any of these items would make a great keepsake.




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