2023 Topps Formula 1 Turbo Attax Card Collection

2023 Topps Formula 1 Turbo Attax Card Collection

Start your engines because Topps Turbo Attax is returning to celebrate the 2023 Formula 1 season. Designed to give a nod to the glamorous locations the sport visits, this collection goes above and beyond with new designs.

With Topps Turbo Attax, Formula 1 fans can collect their favorite drivers from the past and present. For the very first time, Legends including Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, and Ayrton Senna can be found in the Turbo Attax collection with all new “Legends” cards. While looking out for legends, keep your eyes peeled for the new Sprint Superstars, F1 Race Winners, Gladiators, and Milestone Moment cards that are only a few of the new additions to the base subset collection. Ultra-rare limited edition cards are out there alongside signature style cards in lucky multipacks and mega tins.

Keep scrolling for a list of all of the subsets you can find!

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Online at SoccerCards.ca, the 2023 Topps Formula 1 Turbo Attax collection will be in stock on July 17th. You can pre-order the collection in the following items:


Set Checklist

Base Set – 256 Cards


2023 F1® Cars

F1® Team Principals

NEW! F1® Pit Crews

F1® Hero

F1® Speedster

F1® Team Duos

Qualifying Masters

Sprint Superstars

F1 Live Action 2022

F1 Epic Moments 2022

F2 Hero

F2 Speedster

F3 Hero

Milestone Moments

PSA (Public Service Announcement)

Strategy Cards


Mirror Foil Cards – 64 Cards

Parallel Cards inside Lucky Packets!


F1 Team Logos

F1 Superstar

World Champions – F1, F2 & F3

F1 NextGen

Topps Awards

Stars of Tomorrow

F1 Race Winners 2022


Rainbow Foil Cards – 32 Cards

Parallel Cards inside Lucky Packets!


F1 Gladiators

F1 Legends

F1 Country Pride

100 Club – 101 driver is reigning world champion, Max Verstappen


Exclusive Cards – 24 Cards

Exclusively in Mega Tins and Jumbo Boxes

Podium Pass

Experienced Pros

Endurance Kings

Cool Countryside

City Life

Vegas Nightlife


Signature Style Cards – 20 Cards

Parallel Cards inside Lucky Packets!


One card for every F1 driver – signature is a digital version.


Limited Edition – Ultra Rares

3 of the greats of Formula 1, past and present! Available inside Mega Multipacks or Mega Tins.


ORACLE Red Bull Racing – Max Verstappen

GOAT – Lewis Hamilton

Rare Brazilian Yellow – Ayrton Senna


Limited Edition Cards – 27 Cards

Starter Pack

Charles Leclerc (DIAMOND)

George Russel (GOLD)


Mega Multipacks


Max Verstappen (PLATINUM)

Max Verstappen (GOLD)

Lewis Hamilton (GOAT)

Lewis Hamilton (PLATINUM)

Lewis Hamilton (GOLD)


Mega Tins


Ayton Senna (GOLD)

Ayton Senna (QUARTZ)


Packets & Tins

Fernando Alonso (DIAMOND)

Valtteri Bottas (GOLD)

Pierre Gasly (GOLD)

Lando Norris (PAPAYA)

Kevin Magnussen (DIAMOND)

Nyck de Vries (GOLD)

Sergio Peres (GOLD)

Zhou Guanyu (GOLD)

Alex Albon (DIAMOND)

Oscar Piastri (DIAMOND)

Esteban Ocon (GOLD)

Nico Hulkenberg (GOLD)

Alain Prost (EMERALD)

Nigel Mansell (EMERALD)



Carlos Sainz (GOLD)

Yuki Tsunoda (DIAMOND)


100 Club

Max Verstappen (ORACLE Red Bull Racing)

George Russell (Mercedes)

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin)

Michael Schuacher


Signature Style

20 Cards inside lucky packs

PARALLELS: Cyan, Gold, and Pink


Gladiators – 15 Drivers


Flying Finn



Smooth Operator



Topps Awards – 9 Card Set


Drive of the Season

Pole Position Lap of the Year

Team Principal of the Year

Social Media Superstar


PSA Cards

Notable radio messages from drivers in the 2022 season.


Sprint Superstars

3 Cards picking out the leading competitors who excelled in the new form of racing, F1 Sprint in 2022.


Milestone Moments

New cards celebrating some of the milestone moments achieved by racers in the 2022 F1 season.


Live Action & Epic Moments – 60 Cards

Highlights Include:

Charles Leclerc winning the first race of the new generation of racing after the big regulations change in Bahrain.


Sergio Perez claims his first-ever pole position in Jeddah, one of four debut pole-sitters in the season.


Lando Norris achieving back-to-back podiums at Imola and ultimately, McLaren’s only podium of 2022.


Lewis Hamilton’s sensational double overtake on Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc at the British Grand Prix.


George Russell makes a big breakthrough with an unexpected pole position in Budapest, followed by victory in Brazil.


Kevin Magnussen stuns the sport by claiming a shock and popular pole position for Haas in São Paulo.


Max Verstappen is crowned World Champion for the second season running, winning 15 times including a home win in Zandvoort and a

crushing domination of the field at Spa-Francorchamps.


F2 & F3


F2 & F3 Hero Cards

Stars of Tomorrow

F2 Speedster


Other Subsets


Team Logos – 10 Mirror Foil Collector Cards

Strategy Cards – 9 Cards

Team Principals – All 10 F1 Team Principals

F1 Hero – 20 Base Cards

Qualifying Masters – 9 Base Cards

F1 Team Duos – 10 Cards

F1 Race Winners – 5 Cards

Champion Cards – 3 Cards

F1 Speedster – 20 Cards

2023 F1 Cars – 10 Collector Cards

F1 Pit Crews – 10 Base Cards

F1 NextGen – 6 Cards



Mirror Foil (2 per pack on average): Pink, Cyan #/299, Gold #/1

Rainbow Foil (1:3 packs): Pink, Cyan #/500, Gold #/1

Signature Style (1:24 packs): Pink, Cyan #/5, Gold #/1


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