2023 Back to School Feature

2023 Back to School Feature

We’re back again with another back-to-school feature for the 2023-24 school season – catered to all of the soccer fans out there. As much as we don’t want to think about summer coming to an end and the beginning of a new school year, it’s inevitable. So, let’s make the back-to-school process exciting and take a look at some essentials that you’ll need to make it through another school year!

Here are a few ideas on how soccer fans can incorporate their favorite sport into the new school season!




You don’t need a new backpack every year, but if you’ve reached the point where your backpack is stained and smelly – it’s time. With enough space to hold your lunch bag, computer, and more, each of the backpacks online at SoccerCards.ca would make a perfect option to last you for years to come






Might as well match your backpack this year! Ditch the old plastic bag and make sure that this year you have a durable and reusable lunch bag that will last through the toughest of snacks and spills. Designed to keep your food cool all day long, all of the options on SoccerCards.ca are a great fit!






Do you have your outfit planned for the first day of school? If not, it’s time to start planning! Treat yourself to a new shirt, sweater, hat, or shoes to make your first day of school extra special.







We live in an age of technology, and electronics are incorporated into schooling more than ever. Be prepared to embrace the computers and tech with your own personal set of headphones to keep in your locker or desk. Best of all, you can get a pair that are customized to your favorite club from their official stores!





Every year you need the basic essentials for school – pencils, a pencil case, notebooks, etc. If you don’t need an entirely new set of items, the ultimate stationary sets have the perfect amount of items to give you exactly what you’ll need.



Decorative Accessories



One of the best ways to add some excitement to the school year is to decorate and personalize your school items! Decorate your planners, computer, and water bottles with stickers of your favorite clubs, or personalize your backpack with pins.




It’s better to start getting ready for the school year sooner rather than later. If you’re in need of a more basic checklist for your school year, check out our ‘Last Minute Back to School Essentials’ blog to help you out!



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