2022 Gift Ideas for Soccer Kids

2022 Gift Ideas for Soccer Kids

Just about every kid in the world goes through a soccer phase. Sometimes the phase is simply a phase, characterized by recreational games and playground scrimmages. But other times, the phase turns into a full-blown passion, marked by competitive leagues and after school training sessions. Wherever your child is in their soccer journey, we’ve got gift ideas and inspiration that are sure to please!

Soccer Ball

Soccer balls

Every soccer kid needs a go-to soccer ball! SoccerCards.ca offers a variety of regulation-sized soccer balls that represent the best of the best!

Soccer Baby Onesie

Baby Onesie

For the youngest soccer fan in the family, a baby onesie is both practical and adorable! SoccerCards.ca offers a variety of club baby onesies in sizes ranging from three to 18 months.

Soccer Book by Dylan Joseph


This soccer paperback book makes a great gift for players motivated to improve their skills. The book covers shooting and finishing, dribbling and foot skills, and passing and receiving!

Soccer Backpack


A soccer backpack makes a great gift for school-aged players. We offer many premium club backpacks at SoccerCards.ca!

Soccer Lunch Bag

Lunch bags

Soccer lunch bags are perfect for kids who are constantly on the go. We offer many insulated club lunch bags at Soccercards.ca.

Markwort Soccer Pencil Holder


Let your player display their soccer pride with this unique pencil holder. Ceramic and hand-painted this cup makes a perfect gift for any soccer kid.

BRXLZ 3D Construction Kit

Construction kit

With a BRXLZ construction kit, your child can build a 3D soccer ball, jersey, or player! Even better, this is an activity you can do together.

FIBOW Hover Ball

Hover ball

Let the kids have their soccer fun indoors with this floating soccer ball! Made with a soft foam bumper, this hover ball is safe for use around furniture, small children, and pets.

SoccerStarz Figure


If your kid looks up to a professional soccer player as inspiration or motivation, a SoccerStarz figure makes an awesome gift. These highly sought after, 2-inch, hand-crafted, miniature collectables are fully licensed & endorsed by the world’s leading club sides!

Lights by Night Soccer Ball

This soccer ball night light would make an awesome addition to a bedroom, nursery, hallway, or bathroom. The soccer ball shape casts a soft, visually appealing glow!

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