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2022 Gift Ideas for Soccer Dads

Posted by Rebecca Pottage on
2022 Gift Ideas for Soccer Dads

Everyone knows that dads are the best. But soccer dads are in a league of their own, and they deserve to be celebrated. Whether the soccer dad in your life is a #1 supporter, a coach, a player, or an ESPN fan, you’ll find great gift ideas here!

For the #1 Supporter

This soccer dad does the carpooling to practice, comes to games prepared with team snacks, and gives up his weekends for long-distance tournaments – and he never complains. He’s overly positive, happy-go-lucky, and always proud of the team’s performance. What kind of gift do you give to a soccer dad like this? Check out our suggestions below!


Soccer Hat


Keep Dad shaded on the sidelines with a soccer hat! offers a variety of hats in a wide selection of styles.

Soccer Beanie


Keep Dad warm during chilling morning practices with a soccer beanie! offers a variety of beanies in a wide selection of styles.

ZeroGravitee Soccer Dad Hoodie


Let Dad display his soccer dad pride with this ZeroGravitee hoodie. Made of 100% cotton this sweater is available in a selection of colors!

For the Coach

This dad coaches his kid’s soccer team, but you’ll never see him playing favorites. He’s fair but fun and wants to see all his players succeed. What kind of gift do you give to a soccer dad like this? Check out our suggestions below!


Soccer Travel Mug


Keep Dad caffeinated during early morning practices with a soccer travel mug! offers a variety of travel mugs in several different colors and designs.

Soccer T-Shirt


Those who spend many hours sweating in the sun understand the importance of designated athletic shirts! That’s why a soccer t-shirt is a perfect gift for dads who bake in the heat during long practices.

Sports Press House Notebook


Keep Dad organized with this lined notebook. It can be used as a coaching log, to plan out practices, or to keep track of player stats!

For the Player

This soccer-playing dad can often be found kicking the ball around with friends or practicing his skills solo. Whether he’s part of a designated league or plays more casually, this dad loves the sport unconditionally. Check out our soccer player gift suggestions below!


Soccer Ball

Soccer balls

 Every soccer player needs a go-to practice ball! offers a variety of soccer balls in several different colors and designs.

How to Draw Soccer Players by Andry Hopper


 This soccer player drawing guide makes a great activity to do with Dad without actually playing the game! It’s perfect for those who don’t share their dad’s love of sports but are searching for common ground elsewhere.

Soccer Backpack


 A soccer backpack is a perfect gift for players who like to bring their gear everywhere they go. offers a variety of backpacks great for storing cleats, jerseys, shin guards, and more!

Beats Studio Buds


Keep Dad motivated while training with these wireless earbuds. They’re noise canceling, compatible with Apple and Android phones, and sweat resistant!

For the ESPN Fan

This soccer dad keeps up with professional games religiously. He enjoys watching the highlights on his own but to him, there’s nothing better than having the gang over for a game night watch party. Check out our soccer fan gift suggestions below!


Authentic Signed Jersey

Signed jerseys

If you’re searching for the ultimate soccer fan gift, you’ve found it! Go big or go home with an authentic signed soccer jersey.

EzGifts Funny Mug


This funny mug makes a great gift for dads who believe that snacks and comfy surroundings are essential for watching soccer. Choose between 11 oz or 15 oz options with this high-quality mug!

SoccerStarz Figure


If you know who Dad’s favorite player is, a SoccerStarz figure makes a perfect gift! These figures are taking the world by storm and are every soccer fan’s must-have accessory.

GJTIM Soccer Lover Socks


Keep Dad comfy and cozy while watching the game with these soccer socks. They’re stretchy, breathable, and will hold up well in the laundry!

Looking for more gift inspo?

Check out our Gifts for Dad Pinterest board where we’re constantly adding new ideas and inspiration!

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