2022/23 EPL Season Overview

23 EPL Season Overview

The 2022/23 English Premier League season is well under way, and it ‘s been nothing short of exciting. As we enter the final 2 months of the competition, the points are getting tight and fans are sending in their bets on who they think will bring home the Premier League trophy. Will Manchester City reclaim the title, or will Arsenal take it home this year seeing as they’re the current leaders? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. If you’re looking for a quick recap on this year’s Premier League, continue scrolling!


How does the Premier League Work?

If you’re not quite sure how the Premier League competition works, no worries! Unlike other competitions that have playoffs, knock-outs, and final games, the Premier League has none of that. It consists of 20 teams that compete for the Premier League title. From August to May, each of the 20 teams will play each other twice (once at home and once away), for a total of 38 matches. Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. By the end of the 38 matches, the points are tallied up, and the team with the most points wins the title!

Season Overview

Who’s looking like a title contender? At the moment, Manchester City and Arsenal are head and shoulders above the rest although Manchester United and Tottenham aren’t far behind. The Gunners are going to have their hands full trying to hold their leading position as they still have major clubs to face, like West Ham, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City, in the weeks to come.

What about the players? Who’s been capturing the attention of the Premier League fans? Well, Marcus Rashford has been a standout star from Manchester United, and he has matched Mohamad Salah’s record for the most Player of the Month awards. This season, he’s already received three, two of which are alongside manager Erik ten Hag, winning Manager of the Month.

Now we can’t forget about the phenomenal performance that Erling Haaland has put on this season. As the Manchester City striker closes in on becoming the new record holder for having the most Premier League season goals, he also has his eyes on the golden boot. At this rate, Halland is averaging 1.1 goals per game, and he’s sitting at 28 goals so far this season. If he keeps his performance up for his last 11 fixtures, he could garner himself a 40-goal count – a new Premier League record! Either way, he’s still the top goal scorer of the season with Harry Kane creeping up on his heels.

Another team we’d said to keep an eye out for was Newcastle United. They’re currently fifth in the standings, and have had an excellent run this season so far. Eddie Howe has hauled the team up to the top, and Bruno Guinaraes has proved to be a monumental signing for the Magpies. Miguel Almiron even took home Player of the Month and Goal of the Month back in October alongside Eddie Howe for Manager of the Month. Currently ahead of Liverpool and Chelsea, it’s looking like Newcastle United is going to be a team to watch out for during the final weeks of the competition.  

In the middle of the pack and hanging on steady, Brighton, Brentford, Fulham and Aston Villa have all shown strong performances. Fulham has Aleksander Mitrovic’s fine form to thank for their survival, and Brentford has Ivan Toney to thank for propelling them into a steady top 10 position. Crystal Palace and Aston Villa still have a chance to creep up into the top 8, but as the game intensifies everyone in the middle of the table could find themselves on the brink of relegation by only a few points.

Speaking of relegation, no one wants to see their favorite team battle to stay in the Premier League. Southhampton, Bournemouth, and West Ham are all holding the bottom 3 spots on the table, but only a few points could change that. Each of these teams could claw their way out of danger if they can pull it together in the next 2 months.


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