10 Best Kits of 2023-24 Ranked

10 Best Kits of 2023-24 Ranked

Looking back on our favourite soccer moments of 2023, it’s very apparent that some teams weren’t as fortunate as others when it came to their kit designs. There were a few eye-catching kits that stood out among the rest and added to the intensity of the already energetic matches. Now that a new year is upon us, we’ve gone through every kit from last year and have compiled a list of the top 10 best kits of 2023/24!


10. Barcelona Home

The Barcelona Home Kit comes in at number 10 to mark the club’s return of their most iconic shirt design that was originally introduced in the early 1900’s. The Barcelona FC jersey features wide red and navy stripes on the front. The badge features an embossed diamond that pays homage to the crest used in Barcelona’s first ever women’s kit in 1971.


9. Paris Saint Germain Third

In ninth place, we have the Paris Saint Germain Third Kit, made by Air Jordan. Icons collide in this jersey which combines one of the most iconic clubs with one of the most recognizable patterns in streetwear. The overall design of the kit features the stylish Jordan elephant print with a monotone colour wave.


 8. Arsenal Home

There’s no denying the Adidas Arsenal Home Kit is a fan-favourite for 2023/24. The most notable element of this jersey is the return of the iconic gold logos. The overall design was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 2003/04 ‘invincible’ season for Arsenal.


7. Celtic Home

In seventh place, the Adidas Celtic Home Kit is the embodiment of the club’s progressive style. This kit combines historical elements with modern design. The intricate detailing and pattern are inspired by the famous Celtic Parc glass sign. The overall design features the iconic Celtic green and white stripes with an abstract twist.


 6. Bayern Munich Oktoberfest

The limited-edition Bayern Munich Oktoberfest Kit by Adidas has ranked sixth place due to its popularity among fans. You may recognize the floral design as the same one used for the Bayern Champions League kit. However, the calming olive green colour palette is what sets this kit apart from the rest. Bayern Munich also revived their old club crest design for a nostalgic feel.


 5. Borussia Dortmund Home

Coming in at fifth place, the PUMA Borussia Dortmund Home Kit needs no introduction. This iconic jersey was voted and designed by fans of BVB. Thousands of designs were submitted in the 2023-24 kit contest and the winner was chosen by us (the fans). The winning design is inspired by the club’s home stadium and features a vibrant yellow and black graphic.


4. Tottenham Away

The Nike Tottenham FC Away Kit is the first in the club’s history to feature iridescent logos, which is why we’ve ranked it at number 4. Although iridescent logos have been done by Nike in the past, Tottenham successfully executed a more modern approach to their classic navy polo style kits.


 3. Chelsea Away

Our third for 2023/24 is none other than Chelsea’s Away Kit, made by Nike. This shirt’s colour wave is inspired by the highly acclaimed previous away kit from the 2000’s. The overall design features contrasting pitch blue and soar shades in a diamond geometric pattern, along with subtle gold detailing on the badge.


2. Al-Nassr FC Third

Coming in at runner-up for the top kit, the Nike AI-Nassr FC Third Kit draws inspiration from Tuwaiq Mountain in Saudi Arabia. This limited-edition jersey is white with a faint mountain range graphic and iridescent logos in shades of turquoise and purple.


 1. Manchester City Third

It’s no surprise that the PUMA Manchester City Third Kit reigns supreme at first place for the 2023/24 season. The team’s electric energy is showcased in the lightning strike design. Inspired by Man City’s lightning-fast style of play and the buzzing atmosphere of Manchester. The overall design features sky blue lightning bolts with striking red logos on a dark navy shirt.


Now that you’ve seen our top 10 favourite kits from the year, which one do you think deserves the top spot? We predict 2023/24 will be known as one of the most inspirational years for kit designs. Before you purchase your favourite from this list, be sure to read our blog post: ‘How To Tell If A Soccer Jersey Is Authentic’. Also check out our curated selection of Signed Jerseys and World Cup Jerseys.







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