How To Tell if a Soccer Jersey is Authentic

How To Tell if a Soccer Jersey is Authentic
The ultimate 'game-day' essential for any soccer fan or player is an officially licensed jersey. A jersey not only showcases your team pride but can also play a crucial role in your performance on the field. When it comes to purchasing a soccer jersey, it can be difficult to determine which jerseys are authentic, replicas, or fake. In this guide, we'll break down the key differences between authentic vs. replica jerseys, and help you identify knockoffs so you can shop with confidence!


Authentic vs. Replica

When picking out an officially licensed soccer jersey you have two main options; authentic or replica. Both are similar in overall appearance but have 3 key differences in quality and performance: fabric, fit and badges.

Authentic jerseys are for serious soccer fans or players who prioritize attention to detail, comfort during intense matches, and are willing to invest in a premium collectible.

Replica jerseys are for soccer fans in the stands, who want comfort for daily wear and a way to show their support at a more affordable price. They are exact replicas of the jerseys worn by your favourite players!


  1. Fabric

Authentic jerseys are designed with the best moisture-wicking fabrics to keep players cool and dry. These jerseys are lightweight and stretchy to the touch, with tiny holes for ventilation.

Replica jerseys are still constructed with breathable fabric but have a heavier feel and less ventilation. These jerseys are intended for daily wear and durability in all climates.


  1. Fit

The fit of an authentic jersey is designed with athletes in mind. They have a slimmer fit to reduce weight and limit the amount of loose fabric, at risk of being grabbed by other players on the field.

Replica jerseys, on the other hand, are designed with a relaxed fit for ultimate comfort, perfect for wearing in the stands or day-to-day!


  1. Badges

Authentic soccer jerseys may feature the same logos, names and numbers as replica jerseys, but with closer inspection you’ll see the difference is in the detailing. The badges are heat-transferred onto the fabric, giving the jerseys a seamless look and feel.

Replica jerseys have a less extensive process for detailing. Instead of heat-transferring, badges are embroidered onto the fabric which results in a weightier look and feel.


Real vs. Fake

    Determining if a soccer jersey is real or fake is not about preference, it's crucial! As a reputable seller of officially licensed jerseys, we’ve listed some steps you should follow so you can make sure you’re getting the real deal.  


    1. Check For Serial Numbers or Tags

    Every official soccer jersey will have its own serialized ‘Authentic Soccer Replica’ or ‘Officially Licensed Soccer Replica’ hologram or label. Check common areas for it to be placed like on the collar or waistband. If there is no serial number, the item is fake. Tags are also important to check for authenticity. The inner and outer tags should all reference the correct size or specific details of the jersey and be consistent throughout.


    1. Look At Logos or Branding

    Make sure there is an official brand label somewhere on the jersey (e.g. Adidas, Nike, Puma). Every authentic jersey will have the proper branding. You could even take it a step further and cross-check the jersey you’re buying with the offerings on the brand’s official website.


    1. Examine the Quality

    The crest and stitching should be clean, symmetrical, and high quality. Remember that most jerseys come from huge worldwide brands, and they don’t make mistakes in their stitching. The fabric should never feel itchy or cheap. The colours should be vibrant, not faded or off in shade.


    1. Research the Seller

    Before making a purchase, research the seller or retailer. Read customer reviews and check for any complaints or negative feedback regarding counterfeit products. If buying online, ensure that the website has secure payment options and a reliable return policy.


    1. Check the Cost

    Remember—if it’s too good to be true, it probably is! Be on your guard when you see a price that seems too low to be genuine.


    The next time you're buying a soccer jersey, make the choice that represents your love for the game and your favorite team. As always, if you want an officially licensed soccer jersey - replica or not - make sure you buy from an authorized retailer like Check out our officially licensed World Cup Jerseys now!



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