Pre-Order The 2020-2021 Topps Champions League Museum Collection

Did you know that Topps began as a family chewing gum business in Brooklyn, New York? 83 years later the company has evolved into an American sports staple, fostering meaningful connections between fans and their heroes. This year, Topps continues to inspire and amaze card collectors with its 2020-21 Topps Champions League Museum Collection.

Yet again the 2020-21 Topps Champions League Museum Collection brings an elegant touch of luxury to UEFA trading cards. Including one autograph, one autograph relic, and one relic card per box, this collection is a must-have for any avid fan. As always, the Topps Museum Collection highlights the top clubs, teams, and players in Europe and features all-new cards to collect. Though the base set only contains 75 cards, the collection makes up for quantity with quality in its premium elements and sleek design.

This year’s Topps Museum Collection will be in stock on April 21st at but you can secure yours today through pre-order!

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