World Cup Finalist Must-Haves

World Cup Finalist Must-Haves

Its hard to believe the that the 2022 FIFA World Cup comes to an end this weekend! After months of waiting, the final match is just a reach away. Both Argentina and France have pulled out all the stops, but they still have one more match to go. Will Messi finally take home the World Cup Trophy? Or will France become the first team in 60 years to take the title twice in a row! Whether you’re cheering for Argentina or France, it’s a must that we send off the World Cup tournament in style. Here are five things you’re going to need to celebrate these two teams during the final game and even afterwards!

1. Jerseys


This is a must! If you’re celebrating the final match without a shirt representing your team of choice, run to the store and get one fast! On, we’ve got the official Argentina and France FIFA World Cup Jerseys, perfect for the occasion.



2. Beanies & Scarves



It’s December, so stay warm while you’re cheering on your team! This year’s World Cup scarfs and beanies have high quality embroidery and stitching so it’ll last you all the way until the next World Cup.



3. World Cup Mugs



The #1 Jumbo mug of the year goes to the FIFA World Cup collection! Perfect for cold and hot beverages, this is going to be a must-have while watching the match.




 4. Hoodies



The polyester hoodies representing France and Argentina feature each country in the best ways! They are not only warm, but they have a hood liner and details that represent each of the countries.



5. World Cup Trophy Ball


No matter the outcome of the game, you can celebrate the World Cup as a whole with the official FIFA World Cup Trophy Ball! The trophy ball is a perfect way to remember the 2022 tournament and have a fun source of entertainment while celebrating the game



All of these items are no doubt going to put you in the World Cup mood this Sunday! Everything on this list can be found at, so get your merchandise now and hold onto it for years to come. As well, go to our Pinterest page where we’ve got loads of ideas on how to throw the best watch party!


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