Trading Card Podcasts to Listen to

Trading Card Podcasts to Listen to

In the most recent years, podcasts have taken over the world. They allow us to listen to our favorite topics and learn and laugh anywhere, anytime. If you’re anything like us, your love for soccer extends beyond the pitch and onto a smaller, shinier canvas – the soccer trading card. Since we’re all living in an era of podcasts, it’s time to check out the world of soccer cards through our headphones. Whether you’re a long-time collector, or just beginning your collection, podcasts can help immerse you into the world of trading cards.

We’ve searched the most popular podcasting platforms and found some of the best podcasts that are catered to all card collectors and enthusiasts out there. Here are 7 trading card podcasts that are guaranteed to add a touch of joy to your collecting experience:


  1. Soccer Cards United

The Soccer Cards United podcast is about the beautiful game for people who collect, invest in, or who simply love soccer cards.

This weekly podcast is focused on all things soccer cards, but hosts Enzo and Jason also come together to talk about new collection releases of the WWE and F1 cards! With 271 episodes released, there’s already loads to listen to and keep you occupied for weeks!

The Soccer Cards United podcast can be listened to through Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


  1. SpecialOneCards – A Soccer Card Podcast

Another podcast dedicated to soccer cards, the SpecialOneCards podcast analyzes rookie cards, hobby boxes, and discusses new collection releases.

The podcast not only dives deep into trading cards, but the host also talks about the latest action and news from soccer matches around the world. If you’re interested in learning about key players and their impact on a card collection, then this podcast may be the one for you!

The SpecialOneCards podcast is available to listen to on Spotify.


  1. The PSA Pod

We all know that place where you can go and get your best trading cards graded, well they have their own podcast! That’s right – PSA, the leading source for trading card grading, hosts their own podcast where they talk about authentic hobby finds.

On the PSA Pod, they dive into not only soccer cards but other sports as well. They discuss the latest sports news, have guest speakers, and provide insight on how the GOATs of sport have an effect on the world of authentic memorabilia.

The PSA Pod is available to listen to on Apple Podcast and Spotify.


  1. Talking Cards – Soccer Study

The Talking Cards podcast is focused on the market of soccer cards and stickers. Focusing on the World Cup, Chrome, Prizm, and the best modern-day sets, you can find everything you need to know about soccer cards here.

The host brings on lots of guest speakers who are also collectors to talk about the latest high-end collections, different rarities/parallels, key players, and the future of card collections.

The Talking Cards podcast is available to listen to on Apple Podcast, YouTube, and Spotify.


  1. Sports Cards Nonsense

Sports Cards Nonsense is a podcast designed for sports, the sports card market, and how to make money with the trading card hobby.

Hosts Mike Gioseffi and Jesse Gibson discuss who you should be buying and selling from, along with the occasional piece of fantasy sports advice. They dive deep into the news surrounding Topps and Panini that you might not be aware of, while giving you advice on the best cards to look out for.

Sports Card Nonsense podcast is available to listen to on Apple Podcast and Spotify.


  1. Sports Card Investor

The Sports Card Investor podcast is going to teach you everything you need to know about the world of trading cards.

How’s the market trending? How can you profit? What are the hottest cards to look out for? This podcast is going to help you answer all of these questions while keeping you entertained.

The Sports Card Investor podcast is available to listen to on Apple Podcast and Spotify.


  1. Stacking Slabs

Stacking Slabs is a podcast for sports card collectors to keep up and learn about the sports trading card community. The passion coming from the trading card community in recent years has only grown, and this podcast is dedicated to breaking down all there is to know about sports card collecting.

The host, Brett McGrath, talks about how collectors can support one another, how to build the collecting community, and how to cope with trading some of your favorite cards.

The Stacking Slabs podcast is available to listen to on Apple Podcast and Spotify.



Let us know in the comments if you have any trading card podcast recommendations that you enjoy listening to! If you hear about a card collection through a podcast that you want to find, check out to see if we have it in stock! We have everything from UEFA, Premier League, WWE, Formula 1 and more.

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