Toughest Parts of Being a Soccer Player

Toughest Parts of Being a Soccer Player

Have you ever dreamed about being a professional soccer player? Despite how carefree and glamorous a career in soccer may appear, the reality of playing professional comes hand in hand with some tough challenges to overcome. From being tested both physically and mentally, to dealing with the pressure of performing at your best for your team. A soccer player’s life is turned upside down when they decide to go pro, and their path is marked by hurdles that shape their career and personal life. Keep reading for a breakdown of some of the toughest parts of being a soccer player and what they are expected to face going forward.


Physical Demands

One of the most challenging obstacles soccer players must face is physical demands. Soccer is a sport that requires players to be in their best shape and push themselves to their limits. Players go through high intensity training to enhance their skills and prepare them for the rigorous gameplay they are expected to take part in. Endurance, strength and speed are non-negotiable skills that players must have in the world of professional soccer. The constant running, sprinting and training can take a toll on the body and players must work extremely hard to avoid getting sidelined.


Mental Pressure

Aside from the physical demands of playing soccer at a professional level, soccer players face constant mental pressure. A successful career in soccer is unfortunately based on a player’s success and failures. This can create a lot of pressure on oneself to make their fans, coaches, and teammates proud. The weight of consistently improving can be overwhelming, and having fans cheering for you and coaches critiquing your every move can add to that pressure. Many soccer players experience symptoms of stress and anxiety from the constant need to prove themselves every day.



Another mental toll for soccer players can be caused by the fierce competition that comes with competing professionally. The challenge of being the best within the team and against opponents can be difficult to deal with. Just because players are part of a team, does not mean they are all treated equally. Soccer teams are filled with talented players all competing for starting positions and their moment of fame. This can create a cutthroat environment that pressures players to stand out from the others and be the best on the team. Aside from internal competition players are expected to face, of course a great deal of pressure comes with having to face-off against other teams.



Another tough part of being a soccer player is being at risk for injuries and pressure to recover from those injuries. Whether a player experiences a sprain, fracture, or something more severe, injuries are considered an inevitable part of the sport. Recovering from any injury can be a difficult journey for a professional player to overcome, often involving extensive rehabilitation and mental resilience. For many soccer players, injuries can reoccur and threaten their careers and futures.


Travel & Time Away

One of the most difficult challenges a professional soccer player must face is lifestyle changes. Specifically involving making sacrifices to their personal life in favour of their career. The travel demands of a soccer player can be life-altering for the average person. Constant travelling around the world for games, training camps, and tournaments means spending long periods of time away from family and friends. The struggle of creating a work-life balance is even greater as a soccer player or any athlete and can be exhausting and difficult to manage.


Media & Public Scrutiny

Finally, another tough part of being a soccer player is having to deal with constantly being in the public eye. The media spotlight causes every performance and decision to be analyzed and critiqued. One mistake made on or off the field can lead to intense backlash and hate from fans and the media. The transition from living a private, normal life to dealing with this level of scrutiny day-to-day can be extremely difficult to get used to. This aspect of going pro can have an impact on a player’s confidence and mental health. Even our favourite soccer legends struggle with negative media attention in their careers.


Now that you have a better idea of some of the toughest parts of being a soccer player, you may have second thoughts about if this career is right for you. While playing professionally exposes players to challenges like intense physical demands, risk of injury, and public scrutiny, it also has its share of rewards and triumphs. Pursuing your dreams and reaching your full potential with something you are passionate about can be incredibly fulfilling, despite certain aspects of your life that may change. Ultimately, choosing a career in the world of professional soccer takes a lot of mental resilience and determination to be successful.


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