This Year’s Topps Premier Gold Soccer Cards Launch Is Around The Corner!

This Year’s Topps Premier Gold Soccer Cards Launch Is Around The Corner!

2016-17 Topps Premier Gold Soccer Cards are launching December 29th! This collection takes a look into the English Premier League with a newly updated box format for fans.  Each box will include at least one autograph with two other cards that could be autograph or memorabilia cards!

The base set includes 150 cards and focuses on current stars with top players in the league.  The collection also includes rookie cards for younger players, such as Anthony Martial, Dele Alli, and Riyad Mahrez.  It will include gold, purple, red, and black (1/1) parallels!

The signed autograph cards feature both current elite players, as well as former greats! Base Autographs include the main design with an additional signature and are available in purple, red, and black (1/1) parallels.

The Moments Autographs, a fan favourite, look at key events from the past with the Sponsor Autograph Jumbo Patches featuring a combined signature and oversized brand logo and limited to 5 copies. Brilliance of the Pitch Autographs feature legendary names of the league, while Autograph Relics look at current players.

For those looking for more artistically designed cards, the Premier Portraits are hand-drawn sketch cards.  The Brilliance of the Pitch is the main version of standard inserts recreated with the Premier PortraitsNew Signings involves preseason changes and Ambiance features the key venues. Finally, the Football Fiber Relics adds in kit swatches for top players in three parallels to provide rarity. is proud to announce the release of the 2016-17 Topps Premier Gold Soccer Cards! Officially available as of December 29th, the collection involves 12-pack boxes with 10 cards per pack. View the collection HERE.


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