The Best Soccer Workout Playlists on Spotify

The Best Soccer Workout Playlists on Spotify

When it comes to getting in the zone for a soccer workout, the right playlist can make all the difference. There’s a reason why so many people listen to music during their workouts and research has shown that it can actually enhance athletic performance by increasing motivation, endurance, and help keep you focused. Luckily, the Spotify music streaming platform has an abundance of playlists centered around soccer training workouts. These playlists were created by soccer fans, for soccer fans, and are curated to include the energetic beats needed to keep players pumped up and motivated during their workouts. Keep scrolling for the five best soccer workout playlists to help you reach your peak performance on the field.


  1. Soccer Workout Mix by Spotify

Spotify’s “Soccer Workout Mix” is a go-to playlist for soccer players looking to take their training sessions to the next level. This playlist is expertly curated to include high-energy tracks that will keep you motivated throughout intense exercises and fast-paced drills. Currently at 2 hours and 28 minutes of non-stop hits and updated daily with songs from today’s top artists like Jack Harlow and Drake, this playlist is all you need to reach your fitness goals this summer!



  1. Pump Up Soccer Mix by Spotify

On the hunt for a soccer workout playlist guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping? Look no further than Spotify’s “Pump Up Soccer Mix”. This playlist is curated with intense and powerful songs that’ll get soccer players fired up and training at peak performance during high-intensity workouts and drills. From the first to the last song on this 2 and a half hour long set, expect to start with strong beats all the way to the end with the energy never faltering. Featuring your favourite rappers, like Kanye West, and the best DJs, like David Guetta, be sure to experience the pump-up for yourself during your next training session!


  1. Hype Soccer Mix by Spotify

For those who prefer the latest radio hits trending artists, be sure to add ‘Hype Soccer Mix” by Spotify to your roster. This playlist is updated daily depending on what’s trending. Consider this mix the perfect blend of various genres that are specifically chosen to keep soccer players engaged and driven during their training sessions. Unlike other playlists on this list that include classic beats, this one evolves with the times and promises the best current songs for those of us who stay on top of what’s trending.


  1. Motivation Soccer Mix by Spotify

Another soccer workout themed playlist worth adding to your library is “Motivation Soccer Mix” by Spotify. Need an extra motivation boost to set the tone for an effective warm-up routine? This playlist is curated to pump you up with the perfect selection of upbeat tracks to help you mentally and physically prepare for a high intensity work out. The songs in this playlist are less EDM or top hits and have a more gradual pace to build momentum and focus before a tough workout or big game.


  1. Best Football Songs Euro 2024 by Football Fan

Finally, another playlist to check out in honor of the Euro 2024 tournament is “Best Football Songs Euro 2024” by Football Fan. With over 60K saves on Spotify, this playlist is described as featuring the best soccer anthems inspired by the European Championship 2024. Get ready for a diverse mix of music genres and tempos, with upbeat hits like Waka Waka by Shakira or classic victory songs like We Are the Champions by Queen. From warm-ups and drills to cool downs, this playlist is curated to be versatile and work perfectly for every individual player’s needs!

Now that you know some of the best soccer workout playlists Spotify has to offer, be sure to add them to your library and try them out for your next training session! By choosing the right playlist, you can enhance your performance and stay motivated to get the best results from your workout. Whether you’re looking to get pumped up before high-intensity drills or build motivation during a warmup, these playlists are perfect for every stage!


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