Summer Soccer Must-Haves

Summer Soccer Must-Haves

Summer has arrived and it’s time to start spending your days outside. For all the soccer players out there, summertime means that practices are in full motion, or you can finally catch a match of your favorite club. This year, prepare yourself to beat the heat and enjoy the good weather with new and fun activities.

Whether you’re playing recreational or competitive soccer, or you’re a soccer fan who enjoys getting outside, here are some essentials that you’ll need to make the most out of the summer!


1. Practice Ball



It’s a new season, so it’s time for you to treat yourself to a new practice ball. An essential for the summer, you can’t make the most out of your practices or free time without a good quality practice ball.




2. Ball Caps


No doubt if you’re going to be busy with soccer this summer, you’re going to be in the sun – making a ball cap a must-have. You may already have a go to everyday cap, but don’t forget to have one tucked away in your soccer bag, just in case.




3. Electrolytes and Snacks

Sometimes the summer heat can drain us, so staying stocked up on healthy snacks and beverages is important. If you know you’re going to be busy with soccer practices and workouts, then keep some snacks and electrolytes in your bag, just in case. You can easily mix some electrolytes into your water to give you the energy and hydration you’ll need to take on the heat.




4. Athletic Clothing

We all have that one set of gym clothes that we’re caught wearing all year round. It’s time to finally stock up on some new workout shirts and shorts to have specifically for outdoor practices or for fun workouts. Having a set that you’re not afraid to get dirty and that shows off your favorite club is a must.




5. Cooling Sweatbands


One of the worst feelings in the world is when your hair is stuck to your forehead or neck because of the heat and unwanted sweat. It’s time to invest in some headbands or cooling towels designed to cool you off in the heat. You can find headbands or sweatbands that you can wet, stick in the freezer, and have ready for practice to cool you off.



6. Designated Soccer Bag


A bag to keep all of your soccer gear in one place is a must-have for the summer. You’re always going to be on the go throughout the summer, so make sure that you have a bag that is easy to carry, fits all of your soccer essentials, and represents your favorite club!




7. Drinkware


Whether you’re the player or you’re watching from the sidelines, stay hydrated this summer! To survive the heat, make sure you have a water bottle or a tumbler that can hold your favorite beverage and keep it cold for hours!





8. Portable Fan


A portable fan is something we see other people have but we never buy one for ourselves. This summer, treat yourself to one that’ll cool you off and mist you with some cool water while you practice in the heat. Keep one in the side pocket of your practice bag so you’ll always have it on hand




9. Outdoor Equipment

It’s summer! Take advantage of the nice weather and do any workouts and drills that you want to do outside. Make the most of the open space if you have any and set up some fun drills with any equipment you have – or use items around your house.  You can find bundles online at Walmart or Amazon of all the equipment you’ll need to practice your skills.




10. Women's World Cup Collections


This year’s summer doubles as a celebration of the 2023 Women’s FIFA World Cup! In the next coming months, collect all the Women’s World Cup memorabilia you can imagine – since it only comes once every four years. Take a break from the heat and put together your card and sticker collections!




If you’ve been waiting for summer to arrive, make the most of it now that it’s here! Head to and pick up anything that you might be missing to make the most of the outdoors. Be ready for the heat with ball-caps, t-shirts, backpacks and more before it hits!



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