Soccer Themed Stocking Stuffers

Soccer Themed Stocking Stuffers

‘Tis the season for gift giving! Part of the excitement regarding Christmas is centered around finding the perfect stocking stuffers for your loved ones. These small and fun gifts often times end up being the most exciting to open and useful! If you have a soccer enthusiast in your life, then this is going to be the inspiration guide for you. Whether they’re a dedicated player or a die-hard fan, we’re here to help you score big with some soccer themed stocking stuffer ideas.

Here’s our updated list of soccer-themed stocking stuffers for the 2023 holiday season:


1. Air Freshener Balls

These miniature air fresheners are a must for those with gym bags or smelly cleats. They simply go inside the bag or shoe and keep them fresh for weeks. You will thank yourself later for giving the gift of fresh smelling gear!

You can find all sorts of variations of the sneaker balls on Amazon, Walmart, or at your local sports store!


2. Grip Socks

You can’t fill a stocking and not put socks in it! Every player needs a spare set of soccer socks or grip socks in case their favorites go missing – or they’re due for a replacement. Pick up some extras for them to have for practices or game day, but also some that they can afford to get dirty!

The Tape Design Anti-Slip Socks are a great option – check out your local soccer store to see if they’ve got some in stock!


3. Athletic Tape

Soccer players can never have too much athletic tape for injuries, wrists, or to hold their socks up. Perfect for fitting into a stocking, tape is one of the many essentials that come in handy once the soccer season rolls around – and they’ll never get sick of receiving more!

You can find athletic adhesive tape at your local Shoppers Drug Mart or sporting store.


4. Ball Pump

What’s a player to do when their practice ball deflates?! A miniature portable ball pump is something a player never knows they want until they have it. It’s handy to have for last-minute resorts, or to help a friend out.

Check out your local sports or utility store to find one!


5. Trading Card or Sticker Packs

The holiday season is the perfect time to gift some card or sticker packs of their favorite football league. Whether they’re a full-time collector, or they’re just looking out for their favorite player, you can’t go wrong with some of these!

Online at you can find a variety of 8-pack sets that are fantastic for stuffing into their stocking.


6. Practice Gear

An easy gift to add-on that we know soccer players won’t turn down, is a new neck warmer or set of practice gloves. Players always want to be practicing in the wintertime, so give them the means to do so! They can stay warm during outdoor practices or during their personal conditioning.

Check out Sportchek accessories for some great options.


7. Personalized Accessories

There's nothing a soccer fan wants more than to show off their love for the sport. Let them show off their soccer pride every day with a personalized phone case representing their favorite team or a personalized water bottle with their name on it!

Check out Etsy where you can find a variety of fun soccer themed accessories to customize.


8. BRXLZ Building Kit

Trust us, the BRXLZ construction kits are smaller than you think – making them super easy to stuff in a stocking. These kits give fans something to build on Christmas day, and something to put on display once they’re complete.

You can find BRXLZ players, team crests, and more designs online at


9. Soccer Drill Card Deck

A fun idea to keep soccer players motivated, the KickDeck Soccer Training Cards are a perfect way to keep players moving, and the ability to train independently. Each card has a different drill on them to help players improve their strength, technique, and ball handling.

You can find the KickDeck card game online on Amazon.


10. SoccerStarz

If you know their favorite players or team, pick up some SoccerStarz figures so they can put them on display. Individual SoccerStarz are miniature figures that are a fantastic and affordable stocking stuffer that soccer lovers are known to enjoy!

Online at we’ve got a wide variety of SoccerStarz up for grabs!


Everything on this list is guaranteed to be loved by all soccer players and fans! Check out where you can find all sorts of perfect stocking stuffers and gifts this holiday season. Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest where we have boards to help you out with your gift giving this year!





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