Soccer Themed Packed Lunches

Soccer Themed Packed Lunches

Brand new backpacks, vibrant lunch bags, light-up shoes, and fresh clothes; kids can’t wait to show these off on the first day of school. If you’re a parent looking to add to the excitement, creating a soccer-themed lunch for your athlete is a sure-fire way to score with your little one. Having trouble thinking of ideas? Here are five soccer-themed lunch ideas to spark inspiration!

1. Soccer Jersey Shaped Snacks

With the help of a shaped cutter (or pure talent), add some soccer excitement to any lunch by cutting cheese, cucumbers, or sandwiches into the shape of a soccer jersey or soccer ball!

2. Rice Soccer Balls

These rice soccer balls by Eats Amazing are the perfect healthy lunch item. Stuffed with your favorite vegetables or meat, your athlete is sure to love seeing these in their lunch bag!

3. Soccer Ball Yogurt

Created by the Soccer Mom Blog, use chocolate sprinkles, coco nibs, or chia seeds to make your athletes yogurt replicate a soccer ball!

4. Utilize Soccer Ball Skewers

Using Soccer Themed Skewers, create kabobs using fruit, cheese, or sliced meats! This will make eating healthy fun!

5. Soccer Popcorn

Every kid loves opening their lunch bag and seeing a sweet treat staring back at them! This Soccer Popcorn, aka Cookies & Cream Popcorn by Tabs & Tidbits is made to resemble mini soccer balls. This popcorn will make the school day even better!

Need more back-to-school inspiration?

Now all you need is a new stylish lunch bag to get your kids’ lunches to and from school. Shop for backpacks, lunch bags, stationary, or apparel that your athlete is sure to love for the school year!



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