Soccer Themed Games to Play

Soccer Themed Games to Play

When you’re given a theme for an event, this makes planning so much easier! Any type of sports theme makes for an extra exciting occasion as it keeps everyone active and worn out by the end of the day. If you’re planning a soccer-themed event for some youngsters, or just having a fun get-together, it’s only obvious that they’ll want to play the game! When you want to switch it up a bit but keep it on theme, here are some ideas of fun customizable games to keep your young crowd entertained!

  1. Musical Soccer Balls

Musical Chairs, but make it soccer! Depending on how many people you have, put that many soccer balls in the center, minus one. Create a boundary circle and have everyone skip, run, or dance around it until the music of your choice stops playing. When it stops, everyone must run into the center, grab a ball, and dribble it outside of the circle. The person to not have possession of a ball outside of the boundary circle at the end has to sit out until the next round!

  1. Balloon Soccer

There are two ways you can play this game. The first way is to play a regular game of soccer but instead of a regular soccer ball, you use an inflated balloon. Make it more difficult by creating a rule that the ball cannot touch the ground. The second way is to have them only use their heads, and they must always keep the balloon off the ground!

  1. Blindfolded Penalty Kicks

Add a little bit of friendly competition and have them do some blindfolded penalty kicks. For each person, line three balls up in a line and have them try to kick each of them into the net to score a goal while blindfolded. Instead of having them score a goal, switch it up and have them try to knock over a series of targets blindfolded!

  1. Target Goals

Set up targets using nets or hula hoops at all different types of angles and heights. Challenge each person to kick a series of balls at each of the targets in hopes that they get them through. You can customize the number of tries they get, add a time limit, or reward each person a number of prizes corresponding to the number of targets they hit!

  1. Monkey in the Middle

The traditional monkey in the middle game consists of two people passing a ball at one another with one other person in the middle trying to capture it. Make in more fun for everyone by having them all stand in a circle with one person in the middle. Have everyone in the circle pass the soccer ball back and forth, while the person in the middle tries to capture it. Once they do, they can switch spots with the person that attempted the pass.


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