Soccer Must-Haves for the Ultimate Video Gamer

Soccer Must-Haves for the Ultimate Video Gamer

Stuck between your love for gaming or soccer? Why choose one when you can enjoy both at the same time. If you consider yourself an ultimate gamer but have yet to bring your favorite sport into the gaming world, this is your sign to do so. Whether you’re interested in managing your own squad, playing alongside legends, or turning your gaming set-up into a club fan room, there are many ways to do so.

Continue scrolling to find some of the top-rated soccer games and series to try out, and ways you can dedicate your gaming set-up to your favorite clubs!




If you haven’t immersed yourself into the world of the EA Sports FIFA games, they’ve dominated the gaming market for years. The most recent release of FIFA 23 remains one of the most popular sports titles and accomplished FIFA games to date. The game introduces women’s club football, new HyperMotion2 technology, and brings back the World Cup for fans to experience themselves.

FIFA 23 offers players the chance to experience the most realistic soccer game ever, but its predecessors also offer an amazing gaming experience. FIFA 22, FIFA 13, and FIFA 17 all have some of the highest ratings of FIFA games, and offer a reminiscent FIFA experience. 


Football Manager

If you’d rather manage a team than be one of the players, the Football Manager series is your best choice. The Football Manager games allow you to take charge of the world’s greatest squads and manage them your own way.

The latest edition of the Football Mangers series – Football Manager 23 – offers one of the most in-depth managing experiences that hasn’t been done before, where you can manage everything from buying and selling players, to picking and choosing their sponsorships. The gameplay goes far beyond FIFA’s career mode as a manager, and lets you take on every detail that’s done by real-world managers.


Pro Evolution Soccer/ eFootball

The game that many people consider to be FIFA’s main competitor is the Pro Evolution Soccer – now called eFootball – series, which are extremely realistic and exciting. The Pro Evolution games often triumph FIFA’s in the way that the players react, their precision, and the overall faster gameplay, which appeals to gamers.

The latest eFootball 23 did receive a lot of mixed reviews due to graphic malfunctions, live service, and a lack of specialization. However, their earlier versions of Pro Evolution games continue to offer great gameplay.


Rocket League

This may not be the most technical soccer game, but Rocket League is found to be one of the most fun and addictive video games out there. It’s one of the most critically acclaimed sports games of all time that’ll have you glued to your chair.

In Rocket League, instead of human players, you get to use cars with rockets to play the beautiful game. You can play with your favorite cars, customize them, and enjoy a high level of gameplay that’s extremely impressive.


Gaming Accessories


Almost all of your favorite clubs have gaming controllers and console skins offered on their official club stores. AC Milan, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and more, all offer their own customized skins that are sure to add a touch of your favorite club to your gaming experience.



Yes, you can decorate your console to represent your favorite club, but there are many more accessories for gamers who are die-hard soccer fans. From customized headsets, mouse pads, keyboards and more, there’s something for every fan’s gaming set-up!


Wondering where you can find official gaming merchandise of your favorite club? Check out their official merchandise store to find loads of technology that would make the perfect addition to your gaming set up. Then head over to, where you can find signs, flags, posters, and more to add some team pride into your game room.


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