Most Sought-After Cards

Most Sought-After Cards

Soccer cards are some of the oldest trading cards around since people began collecting them in the late 19th century. They have given fans a way to collect memories and memorabilia of their favorite players while passing time in between the soccer seasons. Soccer cards were originally just simple photos of players, but as time went on, they have advanced with new colors and designs to create an even better experience.

The trading cards that people are most interested in investing in are rookie cards. Their rarity, demand, and popularity make them some of the most sought-after cards today. Along with rookie cards, autographed and relic cards have grown in popularity and are often priced the highest of any soccer memorabilia.

If you’re looking to cash in on your favorite soccer players success, here are the five soccer cards you should be keeping your eyes peeled for:


5. 1977 Futbol Diego Maradona RC #11

Maradona will forever be coveted as one of the game’s most gifted players. He played professionally for 21 years, won one World Cup, and scored some of the most memorable goals in the history of the sport.

His sole rookie card from 1977 Futbol is recognized as one of his earliest cards and is one of the most sought-after cards in history. If you can find yourself with one of these disks with a high PSA, you’ve hit the jackpot!


4. 2019/20 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Erling Haaland Refractor #72

Who was once a rising star, has deemed himself one of the greatest soccer players of all time. In his Borussia Dortmund debut in January 2020, Haaland scored a hat trick in only 35 minutes of action. Since then, the Norwegian striker has become a household name for all soccer fans.

After his debut for Dortmund, Haaland’s 2019/20 Topps Chrome rookie card has been receiving the attention it deserves. After auctioning for $170,400 by Goldin, Haaland fans should be on the lookout for his cards as he continues to grow as a player.


3. 2002/03 Panini Futebol Portugal Mega Craques Cristiano Ronaldo RC #137

By the Ronaldo fans, the 2002/23 Panini Mega Craques Cristiano Ronaldo #137 card is arguably the most sought-after. This card has been considered by many to be his true rookie card because of its release during his first season with Sporting Lisbon, and it was his first card issued by a major brand.

With a PSA 10 this specific card sold for more than any other Ronaldo card when it sold for USD $319,800 by Goldin. If Ronaldo fans are on the hunt for any of his cards, it should be this one!


2. 2004 Panini Mega Cracks Lionel Messi RC

Messi began his professional career playing for FC Barcelona in 2004, and continued playing for the Spanish club for the majority of his career. Since his debut year in 2004, Messi has proven to the world that he’s the most inventive player with and without the ball at his feet.

The 2004 Panini Mega Cracks rookie card has tremendous attention on it, and Messi fans are on the look out for one with a high grade. What would become a once in a lifetime card in your collection auctions for around USD $336,000 in mint condition.


1. 1958 Alfiabolaget Pele RC #635

The most expensive and sought after soccer card belongs rightfully to Pele. Apart of the Brazilian national team, Pele led them to the 1958, ’62, and ’70 titles, and is the youngest player to ever win the World Cup. Named FIFA’s Player of the Century in 1999, Pele was widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time.

Like his performance on the pitch, Pele’s rookie card issued by Alfiabolaget will continue to outweigh every other card of his opponents. Depending on its PSA, this specific card has been sold up to USD $372,000. In November 2021, one in mint condition and a PSA 9 sold for an astonishing USD $900,000 by Goldin!


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