Messi Meets America – Documentary Series

Messi Meets America – Documentary Series

As the seasons change and the weather outside becomes increasingly unpredictable (at least for us Canadians), our couch and TV setups are looking comfier than ever. The fall weather only makes us want to embrace those comfy couches, and binge watch the newest TV series.

Since we’ve been receiving tons of viewing content dedicated to living soccer legends, we’re here to talk about one of the newest editions: Messi Meets America. One of the latest soccer documentary series’ now streaming on Apple TV has been put together to document Messi’s movie to Inter Miami CF.

This highly anticipated six-part series follows Messi as he embarks on his historic move to take on Major League Soccer. The series gives exclusive behind-the-scenes access to see Messi’s debut experience into the MLS. After over 20 years of a record-breaking career playing for FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, along with taking home the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Messi’s decision to join Inter Miami has forever changed the face of soccer. From selling out record MLS crowds, to his incredible last-minute game-winning goal in his debut match, Messi Meets America gives viewers the chance to see the impact that Messi has had on North American soccer in only a few months!

If you haven’t yet, you can now stream the first three episodes of the series on Apple TV. Below is a list of the episodes featured in the six-part series:


Episode 1: The Messi Era

Fanfare reaches a fever pitch as the legend arrives in Miami and makes his thrilling debut. David Beckham shares his vision for the club and MLS.


Episode 2: The Messi Effect

Former FC Barcelona player Jordi Alba joins the club – just in time to face Orlando. Messi Mania sweeps Texas as Inter Miami CF battle FC Dallas.


Episode 3: Making History

The club fights their way to the Leagues Cup final. Messi’s new teammates reflect on the icon’s leadership.


Episode 4: Road Trip (Released November 1)

Messi’s exciting journey continues with his regular-season MLS debut against the New York Red Bulls, and a cross-country dash to face LAFC.


Episode 5: TBA

Episode 6: TBA


We’re all sad that Messi’s European football era has come to an end, but rather than dwell let’s celebrate his fantastic career as the greatest of all time! If you’re interested in learning more about Messi before you binge watch the new series, take a read at our Lionel Messi Player Feature Blog! You’ll learn all about himself, and his fantastic achievements before he took on this new journey.



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