Inspiring Pre-Game Soccer Rituals

Inspiring Pre-Game Soccer Rituals

Are you really an athlete if you don’t have a weird or fun ritual that you do on every game day! For many athletes, rituals and superstitions are important for game-days as it gives them a mental competitive advantage. Whether it’s tying your right shoe before your left or drinking a special smoothie, athletes all have their own superstitions that they’re sure will make them win. Don’t have a special pre-game ritual? Here are 8 pre-game rituals by the soccer pros that can inspire you on game days:

1. Wayne Rooney - Eating a Special Snack

Instead of eating a typical pre-game meal of nutritious meats or carbs, Wayne Rooney prefers to eat a whole bowl of coco pops. Whether it’s a particular snack or meal before a game, they can be important for making you thrive!

2. John Terry - Wearing the Same Equipment

Instead of a special meal, sometimes wearing the same equipment that you’ve worn for every win can help you out! John Terry wore the same shin pads for 10 years straight as a good luck charm for every game.

3. Gary Linekar – Doesn’t Practice Scoring

Most players like to get some practice goals in before the game to make sure they can perform before the whistle blows. Gary Linekar, on the other hand, never kicked a ball towards the goal while warming up because he wanted to save his best for the game!

4. Neymar Jr - Calls a Family Member

Before every game Neymar calls his father on the phone for a pep-talk and to say a prayer. This is a special ritual to him and brings lots of good luck before a long game that often ends in a win!

5. Jurgen Klopp – Sign Touching

Most players before stepping on the field touch a sign corresponding to their club. When Jurgen Klopp did this for the first time, his team lost! To not jinx away a win, instead he choses not to touch the sign before any game!

6. Cristiano Ronaldo – Entering the Field

Ronaldo has a great reputation for winning with his top skills, but maybe all his wins come from the fact that he always steps onto the field with his right foot first. For every game, he likes to step onto the field right foot first and be the last to do so.

7. Gareth Bale – Leg Superstitions

Instead of keeping his socks in good shape for the next game, Gareth Bale cuts holes in his socks to keep them from compressing his calves and causing injury. As well, he refuses to drive in certain cars before games to prevent leg injuries!

8. Johan Cruyff – Hitting and Spitting

More of an odd ritual, Johan Cruyff would slap one of his teammates in the stomach before every match and spit a piece of gum onto his opponent’s side of the pitch. No matter how odd this ritual was, it always worked!

Hopefully some of these rituals from the pros inspired you to make your own! If not, find something that brings you good luck on game-days. If you’re inspired by one of these players, get yourself a collectible from of them that can sit on your shelf and inspire you every day!


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