How to Play Topps Match Attax

How to Play Topps Match Attax

The Champion’s League season has officially begun, and trading card collectors know what that means – it’s time to start collecting the new set of playing cards!

Topps’ newest release of the 2023/24 Match Attax collection is more than just some stunning cards, but they’re actually designed to be played. If you’re a long-time Match Attax collector, then you’re probably familiar with the game and the new surprises each season.

If you’ve been collecting the Topps Match Attax UEFA collection, but you aren’t sure how to play – don’t go anywhere! We’re here to give you a run down on how to play Match Attax before you store your cards away in your album.


How to Play


Topps Match Attax is designed to be played with 2 teams – just like a typical football match. The aim of Match Attax is to beat your opponent by scoring more goals! Simple right?


  1. Pick Your Squad

Put together your dream squad consisting of 11 players and 3 substitutes. Each team has a €100 Million budget to spend, so you have to ensure that you don’t go over – otherwise you may be forced to forfeit the match! Per match, you’re also allowed to have 2 tactic cards. Tactic cards, including managers and referees, will give you extra gameplay power against the opposing team.

Remember: have a balanced number of defenders and attackers so that you can properly take on the opposing team.


  1. Line-Up Your Cards

Once you have designed your squad, you now have to decide what formation you want your players to be in. The formations you’re allowed to use are 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 5-3-2, 5-2-3, 5-4-1, 3-5-2, and 3-4-3. Lay your cards face down in your chosen formation, then you’re ready to play!

To decide who goes first, players must flip a coin!


  1. Attack or Defend

The player that wins the coin toss gets to decide whether they want to attack or defend. The opposing team has to do the opposite to what they decide. Each player will choose a card that aligns with their attack or defensive motives.


  1. Reveal

Once you have chosen your respective cards, it’s time to reveal them. Flip over your cards and compare their respective attacking score and defending score. Whoever has the highest score gets the goal and wins the round. The winner should keep their card face up on one side and the loser puts theirs face down.

The winner of the round get to choose whether they want to attack or defend for the next round – and this continues on for every other round.

If it’s a draw then no one wins, your cards get set to the side face down, and you go again!



Just like a normal match, you can make substitutions at any time throughout the game by selecting a sub to replace any player in your line-up.

Remember, your team must resemble a real-life team, so you can only have one goalkeeper on the pitch at once, and you cannot substitute the final player.


Tactic Cards

Each game you can use up to 2 tactic cards.

  1. Referee

Use the referee card at any time to deduct 5 points from your opponent’s score.

  1. Agent Card

Adds an extra €5 million to your pro game budget.

  1. Base Card Boost

Add 10 points to one of your player’s scores.

  1. Injury Card

Force your opponent to substitute a player of your choosing. If they’ve already used all their subs, then this counts as a goal for you.


Special Cards

You can level up a player’s attack or defense score by using their respective Club Crest cards. With a club crest for every UEFA club, you can play these bonus cards on a Base card from the same team.

Aside from the Match Attax Base cards, there are tons of others to find! If you get your hands on specialty insert cards including Heritage, 100 Club, Exclusive LE, and Stadium Stars, then you can use these cards in gameplay for an even higher score!


  1. Final Whistle

Once all of the cards have been played, the team with the most cards face up wins.

You can play as many rounds as you want and continue upgrading your squad to beat your opponents.


Play Online

Another way you can play Topps Match Attax is from the comfort of your own couch! If you don’t have the time to meet up and play in person, you can now download the Match Attax 23/24 app on your smartphone or tablet to play whenever and wherever.

With the Match Attax 23/24 app you can collect swap and play with the stars of the UEFA leagues. Go head-to-head with other Match Attax collectors in free weekly tournaments and earn exclusive digital rewards. You get the chance to show off your tactical expertise as you progress through the Match Attax leagues, earning promotions and trophies!

In this season’s collection, you can find QR codes in every physical packet of Match Attax cards. In the app, you can also purchase Topps coins to buy extra trades, new packets, and exclusive LIVE cards.



Online at you can find all that the 2023-24 Topps Match Attax UEFA Card collection has to offer! In stock October 21st, it’s never too early to pre-order your pick of the collection. Whether you’re in need of a new gameboard with a starter pack, or some individual packs, we have everything you’ll need.

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