How to Play Panini Adrenalyn

How to Play Panini Adrenalyn

The Premier League season has started, and trading card collectors know what that means – it’s time to start collecting the new set of playing cards!

Panini’s newest release of the Adrenalyn XL collection is more than just some good-looking cards – they’re actually designed to be played. If you’ve been a long-time card collector, then you may remember trading your cards on the schoolyard because you were on the chase for a stronger player. There’s nothing more fun than trading your cards with your friends, but getting to build a squad and play the game can be even more thrilling!

If you’re not quite sure how to play with your Panini Adrenalyn cards, and you just throw away the gameboard from your Stater Pack – don’t go anywhere! We’re here to give you a run down on how to play Panini Adrenalyn before you store your cards away in your album!  


How to Play


  1. Build your Squad

Before you kick off the game you have to first build your squad. Collect as many Panini Adrenalyn XL cards as you can, then select the best players to form your dream team. To play the game, you’ll need to have a starting line-up of 11 cards, and 3 substitution cards. Each team must consist of one goalkeeper and a maximum of five players in each area of the pitch (defense, midfield, and attack).


  1. Line-Up

What’s your favorite formation? A three-player defense, or four? A two-striker system or three? Whatever it is, you’ll need to make a decision on your formation. Pick a system that best suits the cards at your disposal, because on the gameboard you can put together every possible formation!


  1. Prepare to Play

Layout your gameboard, then place your cards face down in the spaces shown on the board. Defenders should be placed in defense, midfielders in the middle, and your forwards in attacking positions.

Each player’s position is marked on the back of their card to help you out – because once you flip over your cards, you’re not allowed to peek!


  1. Kick-Off

Once both teams are set to play, flip a coin to decide who has the first turn. Whoever goes first selects one of their cards, and without showing it to their opponent, they decide whether to attack, defend or use the ‘playmaker’ option.

In response, your opponent must choose one of their cards, not revealing it until the other has made their play. If Player A chooses to defend, then Player B should attack, and vice versa as the game progresses. Players then compare the chosen values of the cards and whoever has the highest value scores a goal. That person then has control of the ball for the next round. 

Example: If Martin Odegaard – with an attack of 92 – was to come up against Rico Henry – who has a defense of 87 – Odegaard would win because 92 is a higher value.

If both cards have the same value, neither team scores, and the cards are discarded until full-time.


  1. Final Whistle

Once all the cards are used, if you’ve scored more than your opponent, you win the match.

Now it’s important to note at the beginning of the game whether you and your opponent are playing for fun, or for keeps. If you’re playing for keeps, this means that the winner of each round gets to take their opponent’s card.



If you’re defending, before your opponent reveals their move – call out “Penalty”. Then compare shoot-out icons and if your opponent’s player puts the ball where your goalie will save it, you win the challenge.

Every card has a symbol showing an outfield player’s shot rating, or a goalkeeper’s save rating.

Compare the two, and if the ball is placed where the goalkeeper can’t save it (according to their symbols) then you’ve scored.


More Card Details


Bonus Cards

You can level up your team by boosting a player’s score with their Club Crest or Line-Up card. With one of each for every club, you can play these bonus cards with a Base card from the same team to increase all three playing values by five points.

The champions from the previous season (Manchester City) get an added bonus – the Premier League Trophy Card. This card adds five points to all three values of any Manchester City Player’s Base card.


Other Cards

Aside from the Base cards, there are many other subsets that can add an advantage to your game. Subsets, including Top Keepers, Aeriel Ace, Powerhouse, and Next Level cards, can add anywhere between 3 to 8 points to a player’s attack or defense value.

If you get your hands on the Invincible cards or a Golden Baller, you’ll have an even better chance at beating your opponent!



More Ways to Play

Penalty Shootout

In the penalty shootout version of the game, each player selects a goalkeeper and five penalty takers.

Each player places their goalkeeper’s card face-up, shuffles their five penalty takers, then puts them in a pile face-down.

Flip a coin to decide who goes first. That player takes the top card from their pile and compares its Strike Icon with the Save Icon of the opponent’s goalkeeper. If the penalty taker’s ball is outside the goalkeeper’s save area, the penalty is scored – or the opposite.

Players take turns taking penalties – once all penalty takers have been used, the player with the most goals wins.

If the shootout ends in a draw, it goes to sudden death. Whoever misses first, whether before or after their opponent has scored, loses the match.


Total Football

In total football, you compare the total card values for a fast and furious game!

Each player forms a shuffled pile of cards, face-down.

Both players draw the top card in their pile and flip it over.

Players compare the Total values on both cards – whoever has the higher value wins the round and gets to keep both cards until the game finishes.

Players keep flipping cards until one player has all of them – this player wins the game.



In Tiki-Taka, you can play with as many cards as you like!

Each player forms a shuffled pile of cards, face down. Flip a coin to decide who then goes first.

The first player draws their top card from the pile and decides whether to use the Defense, Control, or Attack value. If the player uses Attack, then the opponent must use Defense, and vice versa. If the first player uses control, so must the opponent.

All players compare the chosen values on their top cards.

The player with the highest value wins the round and keeps all the other cards used by their opponents in that round until the game finishes.

Players keep comparing cards until one player has all of them – this player wins the game.


Play Online

Yes, you can play Panini Adrenalyn in person with your gameboard, but you can now download the app on your smartphone or tablet to play whenever and wherever!

With the Panini Adrenalyn XL app, you can collect your cards and become part of the Panini EPL Adrenalyn community. Right from your device, you can create your dream squad, take on challengers from across the globe, and practice your skills against AI.

Whether you do online matches, tournaments, or head-to-head games, there are loads of ways you can play your favorite card game from the comfort of your couch, desk, or bed!

In this season’s collection, you can find QR codes in the 2023-24 Panini Premier League Adrenalyn trading card packets. These codes will give you access to virtual cards for your online game once you have the app.

Online at, you can find all that the 2023-24 Panini Adrenalyn Card collection has to offer! Whether you’re in need of a new gameboard with a starter pack, or some individual packs, we have everything you’ll need!



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