How to Plan a Soccer-Themed Birthday Party

How to Plan a Soccer-Themed Birthday Party

So, you’ve got a little one who’s suddenly taken up an interest in soccer, and this year they’ve asked for an all-out birthday party that’ll display their love of the sport. They’ve requested a soccer cake, themed decorations, the whole ordeal. Now what? Don’t stress, we can help! This blog article will walk you through all the essentials of a soccer-themed birthday party that’s sure to impress your player and their friends.


Step one in planning any birthday party is deciding on the location. Will you host at your home, a local soccer club, or somewhere else? If you’re looking for a unique party venue, try Googling “soccer birthday party locations near me.”


Party set-up



Step two in planning a birthday party is choosing or designing invitations! You can send out e-vites (easy and cost-effective) or physical invitations (creative and fun). Invitations are your first point of contact with guests, meant to engage, inform, and build excitement.


Party invitations



The next step in planning a birthday party is purchasing (or hand-making) decorations! Some important decorations to consider include bunting, balloons, tablecloths, and food picks.

Soccer decorations

Food & Drinks

Next, you’ll need to think about the kinds of food and drink you’d like to serve at the party. Kids can be picky, so you’ll want to choose a simple and easy meal such as pizza, mac & cheese, burgers, or chicken strips! In terms of refreshments, providing a variety of pop and juice options is sure to please everyone in the room.

Food & drinks


Next, it’s time to think about desserts. Pinterest has great soccer-dessert ideas and inspiration! If you’re not much of a baker or just haven’t got the time, you can experiment with cake toppers, explore edible image cakes, or consider a custom cake.


Soccer cupcake


Party Games

If your party is taking place at home, you’ll need games to keep the kids busy during their inevitable sugar rush. There are endless games that involve soccer balls including regular soccer, dribbling drills, and relay races. You can even take classic games and put a soccer spin on them. Try adding a soccer ball to the egg and spoon race, hide and seek, capture the flag, or tag!

Party game

Party Favours

Last but not least, at the end of the party, you’ll need favours to send home with the guests. Pinterest has great soccer party favor ideas and inspiration! Think about adding a thank you tag, candy, pencils, erasers, or a mini soccer ball.


Party favours


Looking for more soccer-themed party inspiration?

Visit our Pinterest – we’re constantly adding new ideas to our Party Inspo board.


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