How to Keep your Soccer Skills Sharp During the Winter Months

How to Keep your Soccer Skills Sharp During the Winter Months

The end of the soccer season is always a sad time of the year for soccer players. There’s nothing worse than passing by the pitch and seeing it covered in snow and only wishing that you could grab a ball and play. Even though the cold has taken over, that doesn’t mean you have to stop your soccer skills from developing. If you want to show up next season like the last few months never ended here are 5 ways that you can keep your soccer skills sharp during the winter months.

1. Agility Exercises

If you’re going to practice anything during the winter months practice your agility skills. Fast feet, lateral side to side running, high knees, and single-leg movements are all great options. Create a routine combining all of your favorite agility moves and add in some equipment of your choice. If you have cones or an agility ladder, great! If not, improvise with items you can find around the house.

2. Ball Skills

All you need is a small amount of open space and your practice ball! Get creative and make yourself an indoor training space that works for you. Practice your favorite footwork drills with your ball, set up some indoor cones, or play some “wall ball” where the wall is your partner. Focus on improving the softness of your touch and quick releases as well as practicing with your non-dominant leg.

3. Create Goals and work on your Mentality

Exercising and practicing your agility will keep you physically set over the winter, but creating goals and a positive mentality for the new season is just as important. In order to keep progressing as a player, you have to have a good mentality towards practicing and improving. If you want to learn a new skill, have a positive attitude and mindset while you’re trying to learn. Create a list of goals for the new year and see how many you can achieve.

4. Strength & Endurance Training

Once the spring hits, we all know coaches will be putting training sessions together to get everyone back in shape! Over the break do some endurance and strength training exercises like walking, running, aerobics or HIIT workouts to grow your stamina. Work on some basic flexibility and strengthening exercises while watching TV or if you ever find yourself bored. You’ll be more comfortable on the field in the new season as you won’t feel as fatigued or exhausted.

5. Play Outdoors

It may be cold out, but you could always embrace it! Bundle up, get some friends together, and scrimmage in the cold. If there’s snow - even better! The snow will add to the excitement and even make you work harder as it’s difficult to maneuver yourself and a ball in the thick snow.


Remember, something’s always better than nothing! If you can only fit a couple of practice sessions in a week or if you don’t have access to a gym, just do your best. Get creative and connect with some of your teammates so you can motivate each other to work hard and keep your skills sharp.

Don’t have a practice ball to use over the winter months? We’ve got your back! Head to where we’ve got so many new options that would be great to practice indoors with. Even better, put one on your Christmas list so you can be surprised with it on Christmas morning!



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