How To Display Your Collection: Trading Card Edition

How To Display Your Collection: Trading Card Edition

Are your soccer cards collecting dust in an old box? Or do you simply have piles of cards and albums stacked on top of dressers and desks? Take this as a sign to organize and display your collection – especially if you have some beauties in there!

Now, every collector is different and only you know your collection best. You might have some valuable cards you want displayed, a full team, or you might just like the look of them. No matter how valuable your cards are, they deserve the best display possible.

Protection of Your Cards

Before deciding on how to display your collection, you need to think about whether looks or protection are more important to you. If you have cards that you want extra protection for, or you have yet to get them graded and encapsulated, then you should stock up on some solid card protectors. This is your first step to giving them the protection they deserve and will make the displaying process much easier. Depending on how valuable your cards may be, make sure that any covers, binders, or cases have some type of UV protection. The more light that your cards may be exposed to will have an effect on the quality and colour of your cards. At the end of the day, taking the extra time to protect your cards will preserve them and benefit you in the long run!

Wherever you choose to display your collection, there are dozens of ways to do so. Take into account the amount of light the room may get, how much space you have, and how high off the ground your display is – especially if you have kids. Once you know your space well, here are a few different ways you can put your collection on display to inspire you!


Framed Display

If you have the wall space and a small collection of cards, then you may like the idea of framing your cards. Framing your cards can be an affordable option for putting your prized possessions on display.

One of the benefits of framing your cards is that they’re in a compact space where there will be less movement and access to them. In a frame, each of your cards can receive valuable attention without a major display stealing the show. You may not be able to display a large collection with frames, but they’re a clean and safe option.


Wall Display

If you’re not interested in having your cards in a frame or have too many to show off, consider making a wall display.

Small shelves can be used to hold as many cards as you like, in any order that you want. With shelves, you have the freedom to space them how you like, to accommodate the different sizes of cards you might have. You can even find individual wall holders to display as many or as little cards as you want, freely on your walls.


Case Display 

If safety and security are important to you and your card collection, your best option is to display your collection in a closed case or cabinet.

Although a nice display case may be on the more expensive side, they offer your collection better protection than having them out in the open. Display cases are nice enough to draw attention to your cards and keep people away from grabbing them. If you’re on the lookout for a display case, make sure they offer UV protection to protect your cards from any long-term colour damage.


Transparent Card Displays

Looking to have your cards displayed on a nightstand, desk, or dresser? Then maybe transparent display holders are what you’re looking for!

Having a display holder that’s transparent will allow you to see both the front and the back of your cards, while offering them some protection. If you have a small number of cards that you want to show off, this style of holder has a sleek design that gives your cards all the attention they deserve.



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