Holiday Gift Guide for Soccer Memorabilia Collectors

Holiday Gift Guide for Soccer Memorabilia Collectors

With the holiday season coming quick, it’s officially time to plan out your gift giving checklist. As a company dedicated to the love of the beautiful game, it’s our job to give you a go to list of soccer-themed gifts. This guide, however, is tailored to items we’re sure soccer memorabilia collectors are going to love. Here are six great ideas of what you can get someone who’s an avid soccer memorabilia collector this holiday season.

1. Trading Cards and Stickers

One of the first things that comes to mind is Trading Cards or Stickers. Is a Soccer collector really a collector if they haven’t tried to get their hands on a specialty signed card? On our website you can find tons of sets and collections where they could score signed cards, relics, or the perfect cards to finish their collection.

2. Signed Memorabilia

The ultimate collectors out there take pride in their collection of signed memorabilia. Whether it be jerseys, soccer balls, cleats, or signables, you can’t go wrong with getting them a piece of signed merchandise. If you’re interested in jerseys or smaller signables, you can find both at!  Messi, Gerrard, Pele and more jerseys are all waiting to be put onto your wishlist.

3. Vintage tickets or programs

More on the unique side, vintage match tickets or programs are a great idea. It could be a replica or the real deal, but either way this could be a cool item they can add to their collection. Search the web or go to Etsy or Ebay and you can finds loads of options of authentic match tickets and programs.

4. SoccerStarz

These smash-hit pocket sized collectibles are a soccer collectors must-have accessory. These small figurines are fully licensed and endorsed by the world’s leading clubs. Find out who their favorite players are, or their favorite team is, and gift them a set of SoccerStarz. You can find a wide variety of players and team sets on our website at! Even better, we offer SoccerStarz along with their matching player signable.

5. Replica Trophies

Has a collector you know ever dreamed about having a league trophy of their own? It may not be the real deal, but displaying a trophy from their favorite league or tournament with the rest of their collection could add the excitement it needs. A replica of the FIFA World Cup Trophy, Ballon d’OR, or the Champions League trophy would be a fantastic idea!

6. Framed Photos

Framed photos are a classy way that collectors can show off their love for their favorite team or players. Give the gift of a framed team photo, one dedicated to a player, or one that shows off their favorite moment in a soccer match! You can find premium framed images on or search the web for your favorite images!


Did this list inspire you at all? Comment down below what you plan on getting a soccer collector in your life this holiday season! You can find all different types of memorabilia and collectibles at that are sure to score this Christmas.


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