Holiday Gift Guide for Soccer Kids

Holiday Gift Guide for Soccer Kids

Soccer is one of those sports that catches the hearts of kids at a young age. We’ve all gone through the phase of making our favorite sport as a kid our entire personality. But lucky enough for parents, this makes gift giving so much easier! If your kid has a love for soccer, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled 10 ideas that we’re sure will score this holiday season!

1. Soccer Accessories


Perfect to stuff into a stocking or a last-minute gift under the tree, you can’t go wrong with soccer accessories. This includes items like headbands, water bottles, socks, or gloves that will always come in handy for practices.




2. BRXLZ Kits


Do you have a kid who has a love for Lego and Soccer? Well, the BRXLZ construction kits are guaranteed to be a great gift idea! Once built, these kits create a tiny version of a player, soccer ball, or jersey of their favorite team. You can find all sorts of these kits online at



3. Soccer Balls


For the holidays give the gift that every soccer kid wants - a new soccer ball! If they don’t have a good practice ball that they can use at home, then this will be the perfect idea. If you head to you can find a variety of practice balls representing different clubs




4. Room Decor


As a kid, there is nothing better than adding a theme to your bedroom. Give the gift of soccer décor this holiday and let them make their bedroom soccer-themed! We’re sure this gift will bring a smile to their face by adding a personal touch to their room.




5. New Backpack


This is something that they can use every day – not just for their soccer practices. They’ll love getting to show off their favorite club every day during the school year. On our website, we have officially licensed team backpacks that we know kids will love!




6. Soccer Trainer


This hands-free soccer trainer will keep your kids busy all day. If you’re sick of soccer balls being kicked around the house, this trainer will keep the ball strapped to them at all times. It’ll help them improve their skills and add some excitement to training!




7. Soccer Hover Ball


Get ready to see the excitement on their face when they find this gift under the tree! This Hovering Soccer Ball floats above the ground and can be used for indoor or outside enjoyment. With soft edges and led lights, this will keep your child entertained all day and night.




8. SoccerStarz


If they’re into the fun of collecting action figures, cars, or hats, then they’re sure to love SoccerStarz. With these miniature players, they can collect all of their favorite soccer players from their favorite teams. You can find players and team sets of all the best clubs online at!




9. Rebounder


If your kid gets tired of chasing the ball while making practice shots, a soccer rebounder is going to be a must-get gift. This net will bounce the ball right back to them and make home practices way more fun.





10. Signables


The ultimate gift for a soccer loving kid! These officially licensed soccer signables are made of genuine match-ball leather perfectly displaying a player’s signature. They can show off their favorite player on their shelves in their room alongside their other collectables!




If you’re still having trouble thinking of ideas, head over to our Pinterest page where we have a board full of perfect ideas for soccer loving kids! As well, you will always be able to find a great gift this holiday season at, no matter who you’re looking for. Happy Shopping!



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