Gift Guide for Liverpool Fans

Gift Guide for Liverpool Fans

If you have a Liverpool fan in your life, this will make the gift giving process a thousand times easier. Liverpool fans are some of the most dedicated soccer fans out there, so all you have to do is gift them something dedicated to The Reds! If you’re not quite sure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that Liverpool fans of all ages will love to receive on their birthday, for Christmas, or any other special occasion!

Here are 10 gift ideas that a Liverpool fan is sure to love:


1. Liverpool Blanket



Starting off small but mighty, no fan would turn down the opportunity to cozy up with another blanket. Blankets can double as a piece of décor, or they can become someone’s new staple item to have for a cozy movie night.




2. Liverpool Heritage Set


Sports fans will always cherish their collectibles no matter how big or small they are. Made for Liverpool fans, the Heritage Badge, Keyring, & Magnet Set found on their official merchandise store would make a fantastic gift. It not only has collectibles that fans can use, but they come inside a collectible box that can be put on display.



3. SoccerStarz Figurines


SoccerStarz are a fantastic and affordable option for someone who is a diehard Liverpool fan. They give fans the opportunity to collect all of their favorite players in miniature figurine form. Online at you can find a variety of Liverpool dedicated SoccerStarz that fans are known to love.



4. Player Jersey


A true soccer fan would never turn down merchandise representing their favorite player. Even if they already have cases full of their favorite jerseys, it doesn’t hurt to get them another style. From your favorite soccer store, or the Liverpool official merchandise website, you can find a variety of versions of Liverpool jerseys.



5. Liverpool Monopoly


If you want to give something more unique, Liverpool has their very own Monopoly set. With the LFC Retro Limited Edition of Monopoly, you can collect all of your favorite legends and managers from Liverpool history. Not only will the board game get Liverpool fans excited, but it doubles as an activity to play on the day of celebration.



6. Ball Cap


If they’re an avid hat collector, then they’re always on the lookout for another one to show off their favorite club. Whether it’s meant to be worn, or displayed on a shelf among others – you cannot go wrong with a good quality Liverpool hat as a gift.




7. Liverpool x Converse


If you want to give the gift of clothes, check out the Liverpool x Converse collection! The two brands have partnered up to celebrate the club’s fans and history with clothing items that they can wear every day. You can check out the full collection online at the Liverpool FC Store



8. BRXLZ Kits


No matter the age, a Liverpool fan can be entertained with the BRXLZ construction kits. Similar to Lego – which we all know is not just for kids anymore – the BRXLZ kits come in all different shapes and sizes to keep a Liverpool fan busy for hours!




9. Liverpool Dedicated Books


If they’ve been a long-time Liverpool fan, then they may appreciate getting an autobiography by one of their favorite coaches or players. The newest ‘This is Anfield’ coffee table book is packed full of illustrations of past programs to show off the club’s rich history!




10. Liverpool Card Collections


There are Liverpool fan sets, team sets, and more on the market for Liverpool fans to enjoy. Whether they’re a dedicated card collector or not, they may enjoy joining in on the hunt for Liverpool players from the past and present in card form. Online at, you can find a variety of affordable card collections that are designed for Liverpool fans!




If you’re looking for a quick gift for a Liverpool fan, you can always trust for all your gift-giving needs. From apparel, giftware, collectibles, signed memorabilia, and more, you can always find something a soccer fan will love!


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