Gift Guide For FC Barcelona Fans

Gift Guide For FC Barcelona Fans

We’re ready to guide you to some gift ideas for some of the most dedicated fans – Barcelona. For a club with so much history and excitement, FC Barcelona fans are probably expecting some gifts dedicated to the club this holiday season. If you’ve been tasked with finding a gift for someone who lives and breathes Barcelona, fear not! We’ve come up with this gift guide to inspire you with some ideas that will have fans cheering “Barcaaa!”

Here are 10 gift ideas that we know Barcelona fans are going to love:


1. Retro Gear

If you want to take a more unique route, check out some of Barcelona’s retro jerseys. Even if they have frames full of their favorite jerseys, there’s nothing like having one that represents the history of the club. They can put it on display alongside modern versions and their favorite collectibles!

You can find different versions of their retro jerseys online at their official merchandise store.


2. Club Hats

No one will ever turn down a new hat, whether they’re an avid collector or an everyday wearer. It gives them the chance to have something dedicated to their favorite club to either display on their shelf among others, or to wear everywhere.

Online at you can find a variety of Fan Ink caps and beanies!


3. Authentic Stadium Pieces

If you really want to impress the Barca fan in your life, then this is the gift to go for. Since Spotify Camp Nou is under expansion, grass from the original Spotify Camp Nou, and pieces of the original nets are being preserved for collectors.

If you really want to blow them away, check out their authentic stadium pieces from the original Camp Nou!


4. Travel Gear

Made for Barcelona fans, premium backpacks are perfect for everyday travel, to use as a gym bag, or for school! They’re not overly flashy, so they can be taken anywhere they’d like, and subtly show off their Barca pride.

Check out the premium backpack options online at!


5. Bar Accessories

Bar accessories, or homeware in general, always makes a great gift if you’re running short of ideas. The mini bar sets specifically give fans their own glass, towel, and coasters themed to Barcelona all in one set.

Whether you think they’d enjoy a new set of glasses or bar décor like signs, check out our variety of giftware options online at!


6. FC Barcelona Monopoly

Something to share with the whole family and use on special occasions, Barcelona FC has their very own Monopoly set. With the FCB monopoly set, you get to live the life of a great manager in the crazy world of professional soccer. If you’re looking for a more unique gift, this is one fans will love!


7. SoccerStarz

Whether their favorite Barca players are from the past or present, SoccerStarz allow you to collect them all! These miniature figurines are highly sought after 2-inch collectibles that fans can put on display for the world to see.

Online at you can find a variety of SoccerStarz of all the best Barcelona players!


8. Limited Edition Lines

Out of all the football clubs, Barcelona has some of the coolest partnerships and limited-edition lines of their iconic jerseys and apparel! The limited edition Barca x Rolling Stones line, and their Cruyff collection are two that die-hard fans would love to show off.

Online at the Barcelona FC Official Store you can find the entirety of each collection!


9. Match Ball

The go-to gift for a fan who doubles as a player is a match ball. Luckily for you, Barcelona has tons of designs of official match balls to choose from. To have on display, or to practice with, an official match ball is a must-have for fans.

Your local soccer store, Nike, or Amazon all have fantastic options fans will love!


10. Trading Card Sets

They don’t have to be an avid collector to enjoy trading cards. The joy of team sets is that any fan of the team will appreciate having a cool set of cards of their favorite players – and they have a shot at finding an autographed card! If they don’t find any players that they enjoy, then this could become the beginning of their card collecting journey!

Online at, you’ll find a variety of affordable collections that are designed for Barcelona fans.


If you’re looking for a quick gift for a Barcelona fan, you can always trust for all your gift-giving needs. From apparel, giftware, collectibles, signed memorabilia, and more, you can always find something a soccer fan will love!


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