Formula 1 Schedule 2024: FIA World Championship

Formula 1 Schedule 2024: FIA World Championship

Get ready to mark your calendars for an exciting new season of Formula 1 racing! The Official FIA Formula 1 World Championship event we’ve all been waiting for finally returns for its 75th running on February 29, and it’s time to gear up for an adrenaline-fueled season unlike any other. The championship is contested over 24 Grands Prix held around the world. Drivers will be competing for the titles of ‘World Drivers’ Champion’ and ‘World Constructors’ Champion’. If you haven’t already, be sure to prepare for the highly anticipated return by catching up on the Netflix docuseries ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’. The latest season is scheduled to premiere on February 23, and is set to document the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship. This is your chance to get to know the drivers, managers, and team owners both on and off the track before the new season begins. Now that Formula 1 has released the official 2024 schedule, we’ll get you up to speed on what to expect from the upcoming races from February to June, so you won’t miss a single electrifying moment!



Round 1: February 29 – March 2 / Bahrain

The first round of the Formula 1 World Championship will kick off in Bahrain, Sakhir at the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. This 5.4km ‘duel of the desert’ track gives the expectation of great racing and some overtaking. The drivers will have to also battle against the challenges of racing over 57 laps in such a barren environment like wind, floodlights, and wide temperature fluctuations. The track’s most challenging point is the tight, downhill, off-camber Turn 10 left-hander. This start to the World Championship is sure to set the action-packed scene for the rest of the season. Check out the schedule for Round 1 below:

Practice #1 & 2 – February 29th

Practice #3 – March 1st

Qualifying – March 1st

Race – March 2nd


Round 2: March 7 – March 9 / Saudi Arabia

The second round of the 2024 World Championship will take place in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, which is a temporary street circuit located on the Corniche. This 30km coastal resort area track exudes history with its ancient Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah as the backdrop. This track was designed by the Tilke company with speed in mind. Average speeds around the Jeddah Corniche Circuit are 250km/h, which is the fastest street circuit we’ve ever seen in Formula 1. The speed isn’t the only challenge drivers will face as the track also features the most corners on the calendar, with a total of 27 corners. Fans can expect a heart-racing chase amid the beautiful scenery of the Jeddah waterfront. Check out the schedule for Round 2 below:

Practice #1 & 2 – March 7th  

Practice #3 –March 8th

Qualifying –March 8th

Race –March 9th


Round 3: March 21 – March 24 / Australia

Round 3 will be the 2024 Australian Grand Prix, which takes place at the 5.278km Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne on Sunday, March 24. This track has a reputation for being a bumpy ride due to it being a temporary facility. The circuit is also known for being quite slippery, rubbering in as sessions progress. It requires a well-sorted chassis to race effectively due to the spots on the track that require drivers to have a reactive front end to avoid crashing around corners. Check out the schedule for Round 3 below:

Practice #1 – March 21st

Practice #2 & 3: March 22nd

Qualifying –March 23rd

Race –March 24th


Round 4: April 4 – April 7 / Japan

Round 4 will be the 2024 Japanese Grand Prix, which takes place over 53 laps of the 5.8-kilometer Suzuka International Racing Course on Sunday, April 7. This track was built in 1962 by the creator of Honda as a test track for their own automotive developments. Suzuka is a fan favourite and is also beloved by drivers. It remains one of the ultimate challenges, with snaking ‘S’ Curves, two Degners and a crossover. This high-speed racetrack never disappoints! Check out the schedule for Round 4 below:

Practice #1 – April 4th

Practice #2 & 3: April 5th  

Qualifying –April 6th  

Race –April 7th


Round 5: April 19 – April 21 / China

Round 5 will be the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix, which takes place over 56 laps of the 5.4km Shanghai International Circuit on Sunday, April 21. This track actually used to be marshland in the Jiading District of Shanghai until 2003 when it was selected by F1 track developers as a prime spot for this stare-of-the-art circuit. The Chinese Grand Prix is completely unique, even when being admired from the sky. It was designed to look like the Chinese symbol for ‘shang’ which means ‘upwards’. The track also features one of the longest straights on the calendar with 1.2km. Check out the schedule for Round 5 below:

Practice #1 – TBC

Qualifying - TBC

Sprint Shootout –TBC

Sprint –TBC

Race – April 21st  


Round 6: May 3 – May 5 / United States

Get ready for the highly anticipated event held at the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, which takes place over 57 laps of the Miami International Autodrome in Florida, USA, on Sunday, May 5. The Miami Grand Prix is a temporary circuit that was designed to have a permanent feel. This track is set in the amazing Hard Rock Stadium complex in Miami Gardens. Often called a ‘street-track spectacular, this circuit features 19 corners, 3 straights, 3 DRS zones, and top speeds of over 340km/h. This track also stands out from the rest with its changes in elevation, leading over an exit ramp and across uneven ground. Check out the schedule for Round 6 below:

Practice #1 – TBC

Qualifying - TBC

Sprint Shootout –TBC

Sprint –TBC

Race – May 5th



Round 7: May 17 – May 19 / Italy

The event held in Italy is a race you won’t want to miss! Tune in on Sunday, May 17, for the 2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, which takes place over 63 laps of the 4.9km Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, commonly known as Imola and former home of the San Marino GP. This track is a thrill ride for drivers, featuring iconic corners like the Acque Minerali and Piratella! Famously adored by Pierre Gasly, calling it the best experience he’s ever had in an F1 car. Its unique anti-clockwise circuit gives off an old school feel, while never neglecting the importance of speed. Check out the schedule for Round 7 below:

Practice #1 & 2 – May 17th  

Practice #3 –May 18th 

Qualifying –May 18th 

Race –May 19th 


Round 8: May 24 – May 26 / Monaco

Round 8 will be held in Monte Carlo on Sunday, May 26. The 2024 Monaco Grand Prix, which takes place over 78 laps of the 3.337-kilometre Circuit de Monaco, is a legendary track, known for being incredibly narrow. It was described by Nilson Piquet as having the same feeling as riding your bike around your living room. Despite its small width, this circuit is iconic for its big challenges that all drivers can’t help but love facing. Overtaking on the tight streets is next to impossible, with a total of 0 overtakes in Monaco Grand Prix history! Check out the schedule for Round 8 below:

Practice #1 & 2 – May 24th  

Practice #3 –May 25th

Qualifying –May 25th 

Race –May 26th


Round 9: June 7 – June 9 / Canada

Calling all fellow Canadian Formula 1 fans! The 2024 Canadian Grand Prix, which takes place over 70 laps of the 4.361-kilometre Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montreal will be held on Sunday, June 9. This man-made island base of this racetrack was originally created for the 1967 Expo 67 World's Fair. Once the expo and the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics were finished, a racetrack was built out of the island’s roads. This track is another favourite among drivers for its quick and flowing circuit. The most iconic point takes place at the end of the lap, called the Wall of Champions, named after excursions into it from Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve, and Michael Schumacher during the 1999 Canadian Grand Prix weekend. Check out the schedule for Round 9 below:

Practice #1 & 2 – June 7th   

Practice #3 –June 8th 

Qualifying –June 8th   

Race – June 9th


Round 10: June 21 – June 23 / Spain

Round 10 will be the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix, which takes place over 66 laps of the 4.6km Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on Sunday, June 23. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya was built as part of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics development program. Drivers are traditionally known for using the track during their winter testing, so it’s become one they’re very familiar with driving. The track is equipped with a mix of high-speed and low-speed corners, making it a fun challenge for everyone. Check out the schedule for Round 10 below:

Practice #1 & 2 – June 21st

Practice #3 –June 22nd

Qualifying –June 22nd

Race – June 23rd


Round 11: June 28 – June 30 / Austria

Finally, Formula 1 will be ending off the month of June with a riveting race in Austria. The 2024 Austrian Grand Prix, which takes place over 71 laps of the 4.3km Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. Previously called the A-1 Ring, the Red Bull Ring is widely known for being small, but mighty to drive. This track packs a lot into a short lap! The first half of the circuit focuses on speed with 3 straights separated by 2 uphill right-handers. The final half turns into what some call a ‘downhill toboggan ride’ for drivers as they battle a series of quick corners, including the Rindt right-hander, named for Austria’s first F1 champion. Check out the schedule for Round 11 below:

Practice #1 – TBC

Qualifying - TBC

Sprint Shootout –TBC

Sprint –TBC

Race – May 5th  


Now that you know what to expect in the coming months, which race are you most excited for in the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship? Let’s get ready to witness the world's top drivers as they go head-to-head in a battle of speed, skill, and strategy on the world’s toughest circuits. Are you the ultimate Formula 1 fan? If so, be sure to check out our wide selection of Formula 1 Trading Cards & Stickers.


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