DIY Soccer Crafts for the Summer

DIY Soccer Crafts for the Summer

As fun as it can be to get outside during the summer months, sometimes the heat becomes too much to bear. Sometimes it’s not even the heat that drives us inside, but the rainy thunderstorms that have been taking over our summer weekends. If you’re a soccer lover who needs a quick break from the outdoors or you’ve found yourself stuck inside for some time, turn your love for the sport into a new activity.

Here are six easy DIY soccer-themed crafts that you can try out this summer:


World Cup Flag Garland

This summer doubles as a celebration for the Women’s FIFA World Cup. Celebrate your favorite nations that you’ll be cheering on with some homemade décor to spread around your house or even outside. With only a small amount of items needed to put this craft together, it’s inexpensive and looks great!

Check out the Art Bar Blog for more instructions!


Soccer Ball Pinata

The perfect DIY craft to build inside then take outside. Make your pinata look like your own personal soccer ball, and stuff it with your favorite treats! Once you have completed it, instead of hitting it with a stick like a traditional pinata, you can kick it like a proper soccer ball! Made out of paper mâché, be ready to make a mess with this one.


DIY Tie Dye Soccer Jersey

One of the most fun DIY things to make in the summertime is a tie dye t-shirt. For our soccer fans out there, if you’ve got an old jersey or a t-shirt you can turn into one, tie dye it to make it your own! Once you’re done, you could use a fabric marker to put your number and team logo of choice on the front and back.


Homemade FIFA World Cup Trophy

If you’re up for the challenge, then this craft’s going to be the one for you. This DIY World Cup Trophy made from construction paper is easy to fold, and looks fantastic put on display. After each game, you can even have your friends sign it to make it more personal!

Check out the instructions from Paper Shape!


Pom Pom Shooters

With this pom pom shooters game, you can practice your soccer skills in a crafty way. All you need is some pipe cleaners, duct tape, a cup, balloons, and of course some pom pom’s – then you’re ready to go! It’s a quick and simple craft to make, but will keep you entertained for days.

Check out In the Play Room for further instruction on how you can put this fun craft together!


DIY Soccer Washer Necklaces

If you’ve got the time on your hands and you want something that you and your team can enjoy, these washer necklaces are for you. You don’t necessarily have to wear them as necklaces, but you can turn them into a personalized key chain or tie them to your practice bag. They are super easy to make, and will last longer than most other crafts!

To learn more about how to make them, we love the instructions by Trash N2 Tees!


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