Cristiano Ronaldo Launches Erakulis Wellness

Cristiano Ronaldo Launches Erakulis Wellness

Calling all soccer fans and wellness gurus! The fitness and wellness app space has gained another innovative celebrity-backed program with Erakulis Wellness, founded by none other than the soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo. The launch of Erakulis Wellness is the beginning of an exciting new milestone for the 5-time Ballon d’Or winner. As a professional athlete known for his peak physical fitness and performance on and off the field, Ronaldo has implemented his routines and habits surrounding fitness, nutrition, and balance within the app.

With the founding of Erakulis Wellness, Ronaldo is set to extend his influence beyond the world of soccer towards mastering holistic wellbeing and fitness. Erakulis Wellness aims to inspire and motivate individuals to reach their full physical and mental potential with Cristiano Ronaldo as their guide. As a role model for millions of fans around the world, Ronaldo is the perfect face for the brand and helps establish a trustworthy image right off the bat. Erakulis isn’t the only one benefiting from Ronaldo being the face of the company and brand – Ronaldo’s also sending a powerful message to his fans on the importance of wellbeing and the benefits of following a holistic approach when it comes to reaching fitness goals, rather than through unhealthy diets and high intensity training.

The launch of Erakulis Wellness may be the start of a greater shift towards digital solutions when it comes to health and wellness. By taking advantage of the accessibility of mobile apps, wearable fitness devices, and advanced data analytics, Erakulis Wellness provides a personalized experience for users. The app is designed to provide users with insights on their own progress and personalized recommendations backed by Ronaldo himself to guide them on their wellness journey, making it easier for users to reach their goals.  App subscribers can also look forward to personalized wellness plans, community support and even online appointments, where users can seek guidance from health and wellness experts via a video call feature. “As a professional athlete, discipline, focus and balance have been key to my success on the field,” Ronaldo said. “The countless hours of training, attention to nutrition, and mental preparation have played a crucial role in my journey. We’ve added these features into Erakulis.”

We expect the wave of sports icons migrating to the holistic wellness community to continue to grow. Although Cristiano Ronaldo is the first big soccer legend to implement a wellness and fitness app, he’s not the first athlete or celebrity to do so in recent years. The pro-athlete-founded wellness app will also be competing with ‘Centr’, founded by Chris Hemsworth. As well as ‘House of Athlete Plus’, a health and wellness app founded by Former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Erakulis Wellness by Cristiano Ronaldo is an app that promises a unique experience for users looking to improve their fitness and health through a holistic approach. The brand-new regimen focuses on being active and breaking the limits through a balance of fitness, nutrition, and mental wellbeing. Wellness experts, alongside Ronaldo, will create a personalized wellness plan for each user based on any of the following goals: maintain weight; lose weight; gain muscle; body toning; improve health and pathologies; and have a balanced healthy life. The subscription costs $7.35 CAD monthly/ $86.89 CAD yearly for the basic plan and $323.97 CAD per year for the premium plan. You can learn more about Erakulis Wellness and what each plan includes here.


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