COPA America & EURO 2016 Standings & Results!

COPA America & EURO 2016 Standings & Results!

It can be difficult to keep track of the games going on in any soccer competition, never mind when TWO are going on at the same time!  One minute you know all the stats - who is at the top of each group, what last night’s final score was – and next thing you know, you’re totally lost without a CLUE where any of the team’s stand.

Well, has solved that problem for you!  We’ve put together an area for COPA America, and another for EURO 2016 that will allow you to visit your favourite place to shop for all things soccer, while checking in on how yesterday’s games went, when your team plays next, and where they stand in their group.

Each page is available in the Soccer Community available on our website!  

Make sure you check back in regularly for updates after each game and the end of the week!


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