Birthday Gift Guide for Soccer Players

Birthday Gift Guide for Soccer Players

No matter the age, birthday gifts can become a pain to buy. Gift ideas become repetitive and it’s easy to run out of ideas. However, when someone has a passion in their life this makes gift giving much easier. If the person you’re shopping for happens to have a passion for soccer, then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether they’re a soccer player or a fan, here are 13 birthday gift ideas that are sure to score.


Official Soccer Jerseys


No soccer player will ever turn down merchandise representing their favorite player. Even if they already have a wall full of their favorite jerseys, there can always be more.

Depending on their favorite club or player, you can find their jerseys on their official store website, or at your local soccer store!



Official Match Balls



Want to get them something to really knock their socks off? Dedicated to certain tournaments including World Cups, the Premier League, and Champions League, the official match balls are something they can keep and admire, or practice with.



Portable Soccer Set Up


Soccer players always want new practice equipment that they can easily take to school, the field, or anywhere in between.

Perfect for a quick pickup game or individual practice, the set by GoSports on Amazon is compact and easy to take on the go!



Solo Soccer Trainer



Solo trainers are a great gift idea for players who are more interested in training on their own, or who aren’t able to constantly meet up with a friend. They allow players to practice drills and skills without having to chase the ball around by keeping it attached to them at all times.


Soccer Club Ballcap


There are avid collectors out there who find joy in having a pile of hats dedicated to their favorite things – especially sports teams. They’ll never say no to having another hat showing off their favorite club!

Online at you can find all types of styles that represent clubs from all the major leagues.


Personalized FIFA Card


Looking to gift something more personalized? Did you know that you can make a personalized FIFA card for someone who loves the game? All you need is a picture of the person, and you’re good to go!

You can find creators who make custom FIFA cards on Etsy, or online at Sportify.



Player-Founded Gifts


Do you know who their favorite player is? Some major soccer players have expanded their careers and now have their own line of clothing or more!

For instance, Lionel Messi has his own Messi Store, and Cristiano Ronaldo has various lines of products, ranging from nightwear to cologne and sunglasses!



Tickets to a Match



Instead of a physical gift, treat them to an experience. Find the closest live match – whether it be their favorite club or not – and snag some tickets. The atmosphere and excitement of a live match is something they’ll never forget!






We all know by now that LEGO has made a comeback and is no longer just for kids to build. With sets small and large, Lego has tons of builds dedicated to soccer lovers.

Similar to LEGO, BRXLZ sets are a fantastic alternative that will keep a soccer fan occupied for hours!



Video Games


For those who double as a soccer player and gamer, the FIFA games are a must have. Treat them to the latest edition of their favorite soccer video game they’re sure to enjoy.

For more video game ideas, check out our Blog dedicated to all of the options out there.



Entertainment Merchandise



Do they watch Ted Lasso? Or do they have a favorite soccer movie or show? If so, then go on the hunt for official merchandise.

Players could always use another practice shirt or room décor, so dedicate it to their favorite soccer show.



Posters and Prints


If you search the internet, you can find tons of posters and prints that any fan would love to have displayed in their room.

One of our favorites on uncommon goods shows off all of the football clubs of Europe.




Cards & Stickers

Are they a dedicated collector who’s currently on the hunt for a certain player or team set? Well, you can never go wrong with the gift of Panini and Topps if they’re always getting the new collection every season.

Starter packs, tins, blaster boxes, and 10-pack sets are all great options for collectors. Online at you can find a variety of collections, old and new!




If you waited until the last minute and need something quick – head on over to We’ve got tons of collectibles and merchandise that soccer players undoubtedly love – with fast shipping to get it to you when you need it! From apparel, SoccerStarz, practice balls, and more, you’ll be able to find tons that soccer players would enjoy.




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