Best Apps for Trading Card Collectors

Best Apps for Trading Card Collectors

It only takes a matter of time during your trading card collecting journey before you begin to realize you have more cards than you can handle. The popularity of trading card collecting has experienced a resurgence in recent years, with many enthusiasts finding value in their collections, both as a hobby and an investment. If you no longer have the space to keep your card collection organized, technology has made managing your card collection easier than ever.

With the increase in apps dedicated to trading card collectors everywhere, we wanted to compile a list of the best ones out there. Whether you’re interested in keeping your valuable cards organized in one spot, expanding your collection online, or connecting with fellow collectors to trade, there are tons of convenient apps to try!

Here are 5 trading card apps that are worth checking out:


1. CollX

CollX (pronounced “collects”) answers the question that every collector has when they pull a rare card: what is this worth? The app allows you to scan your cards, add them to your collection within the app, and see other peoples’ collections.

With CollX you can create and keep track of your card values based on historical pricing and the databases that the app provides. If you’re not interested in the values of your cards – no worries! You can still keep track of your favorite cards within the app, or easily trade with other collectors using CollX’s easy selling platform!


2. Panini Collectors

Panini Collectors gives you the chance to organize your sticker album checklist in a fun and easy way from the simplicity of your own phone. If you enjoy collecting Panini stickers, then this app is going to allow you to keep track of multiple albums in one convenient place.  

Using your camera, you can scan the stickers that you’ve found to keep your checklist up to date. Gain the special Panini Collector badges within the app, and climb the ranking to become one of the best collectors of the month. Share your checklist on the go with your friends, and filter your collection to quickly view your missing stickers.


3. Alt: Buy & Sell Cards

Alt is the perfect app if you’re looking to buy new cards to finish off your collection, or sell your duplicates. Alt features active listing of graded cards from the most popular online marketplaces, making it easy for you to browse the entire trading card hobby!

With market trends, real-time, pricing, and portfolio management, Alt is the app to download if you want to stay up to date with your favorite players and sports!


4. Panini Digital Collections

Join Panini Digital Collections and start collecting official digital albums and digital packs to complete a variety of collections. You can compete with other collectors to finish your digital collection first, or you can take your time and enjoy the journey.

Unlike other collecting apps, this one gives you a break from your current collection and lets you increase your sticker count with digital ones. With new collections being added throughout the upcoming weeks, you can swap your duplicates with other users, and complete rare Panini collections!


5. Cardbase

Another very useful app for sports card collectors is Cardbase. With Cardbase, you can add cards to your in-app collection by scanning, searching, or adding a full set of cards that you own. You can not only keep track of all of your cards in one place with Cardbase, but you can also find the value of your cards that mean the most to you.

Collectors of all levels can keep track of your collection within the app, while connecting with other collectors. Find friends, make connections, and trade your cards with other users in the Cardbase community.



Trading cards may seem like a hobby of the past, but collectors have found a way to incorporate the old school activity with modern day technology. All of these apps are great choices if you want to organize your card collections, or expand them into the digital world.

If you need some stickers and cards to expand your collection with, don’t be afraid to head over to and check out all of your choices. Whether you’re into World Cup stickers, UEFA cards, Formula 1, or WWE, we’ve got it all!








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