BECKHAM Documentary by Netflix

BECKHAM Documentary by Netflix

How well do you think you know David Beckham? He’s the kind of world-famous athlete that everyone thinks they already know, but if you weren’t around to follow him throughout his career, you might not know as much as you think you do.

Netflix has just released a new docu series, BECKHAM, which gives viewers the opportunity to follow David Beckham as he unpacks some of the best and most controversial moments of his career. Many of us know him as a pop culture athlete who married a Spice Girl, but very few have gotten the chance to know the man behind the name. From corner kicks to haircuts, BECKHAM perfectly highlights David’s world-class career while pulling the heartstrings of each and every viewer. You get to learn never-before-seen insights into who David Beckham is from the perspective of his family, friends, teammates, and managers.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or you’re curious to learn about who David Beckham truly is, we can guarantee that BECKHAM will make you laugh, cry, and appreciate the beautiful game. Wondering what each episode holds? For a glimpse at each episode, continue scrolling!


Episode 1: The Kick

A history-making goal in 1996 puts David on the fast track to fame. Documenting his early childhood ascent into a professional career with Manchester United, his teammates, coaches, and family reflect on his early career choices. This episode dives into his earliest meetings with his now wife, Victoria, and his infamous ’98 World Cup Round-of-16 game.


Episode 2: Seeing Red

In the wake of the ’98 World Cup, David faces depression, death threats and national harassment. He and Victoria reflect on the implications that followed them as they were the ‘it couple’, while also sharing the happier moments that surrounded their 1999 wedding and welcoming their first child, Brooklyn.


Episode 3: Golden Balls

As David juggles family life in the limelight, friction grows between him and Sir Alex Ferguson. Beckham shares what it was like to balance a tumultuous career while at the same time having a growing family.


Episode 4: What Makes David Run

David and Victoria revisit his drama-filled tenure with Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan, and Paris Saint-Germain, and reflect on what they describe as “the hardest period” of their marriage. Being the final episode of the series, they offer a glimpse into their home life and the wholesome activities they have now adopted.


If you haven’t already watched BECKHAM, you can now watch the entire series on Netflix. Having already watched the four-part series, we can guarantee that it’s only going to grow your love and respect for the world-class player.

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