ANNOUNCEMENT: 2016-17 Topps Champions League Cards Release

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2016-17 Topps Champions League Cards Release

Match Attax is back at it with the new 2016-17 Topps Champions League Cards!  This collection features all the newest and biggest stars with superstars including Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, and Pogba.  This collection brings an all-new look and design to the beloved Match Attax game with extra gameplay and even more special cards!

The unique gameplay remains the same, with head-to-head battles of your starting against your opponent’s.  The ultimate goal is, of course, to score the most point based on the attributed listed on the specific cards.

We at are proud to announce that the 2016-17 Topps Champions League Cards are available now for pre-order with the official release available October 5th, 2016. The offering is made available through 3 products, including:

  • 50-Pack Box: We will be carrying special 9 card packs, over the standard 6 card packs available elsewhere
  • Starter Pack: 6 cards (with Gold Limited Edition Messi Card), Album, Checklist, Game Guide Book, and Game Pitch
  • Mega Tin: 60 cards, including Limited Edition Gold Card


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