5 Soccer Tricks that will Impress your Friends

5 Soccer Tricks that will Impress your Friends

Who doesn’t love being able to show off their skills during a game. The feeling of excitement when you pull off a new move that no one saw coming is unlike any other! If you’re practicing for fun in your backyard, or playing in front of hundreds of fans, everyone loves pulling off new skills to make the crowd cheer. If you are looking for a new freestyle trick to learn, we’ve searched the web and found some that are sure to excite anyone who watches. Here are 5 soccer tricks that are sure to make an impression:

1. Neck Stall

Looking for a trick that will catch someone’s eye? Well, this one is sure to do just that! Just like a foot stall where you catch the ball and cradle it with your foot, this trick is done by cradling the ball on the back of your neck instead. This trick will help you improve your agility, reaction time, and coordination.

Watch a tutorial by AZUN Freestyle Football for a quick tutorial!

2. The Jump AKKA

A more unique trick, this one can be used during play, or just to impress some friends! On more of the tricky side, this trick will test your coordination and might take a few tries to get. Be confident and have fun nailing the Jump Akka!

Watch this video tutorial by Online Soccer Academy to learn!

3. Hamstring Catch

When doing this trick on the sidelines, it is sure to intimidate your opponents. It shows you are quick on your feet and have stellar coordination. This trick is not as hard as some others, but with lots of practice you’ll get it quick!

Watch this tutorial by Football Tricks Online to teach yourself!

4. Around the World

One of the most popular soccer tricks out there, learning how to do an around the world is a must! This one will take a little more practice than some other tricks, but it’s achievable if you don’t give up. You’ll probably never use this move in a game, but it’s fun to practice with some friends!

Watch this tutorial to learn how to do an Around the World in no time!

5. A Slap

Looking to make someone jealous with your fancy footwork? If you can pull off the Slap, you are sure to impress everyone watching. On the harder end, this trick requires lots of coordination, skill, and quick feet. Once you pull it off, there’s no telling what tricks you can do!

Learn2Freestyle gives you a tutorial on how to practice this trick!


Even if you’re a beginner, we’re positive you have the skills to pull off these tricks. Work hard, practice, and have fun with these freestyle moves!

To pull off these tricks, you’re going to need a soccer ball to practice with. Head over to SoccerCards.ca to find yourself a new practice ball to use while trying out freestyle moves!



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